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Council boards and committees

The City of Airdrie has several boards and committees that guide the city and play a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness, transparency and responsiveness of municipal governance by fostering collaboration, engaging the community and ensuring informed decision-making.

Airdrie City Council has a full-time Mayor and six part-time Councillors who are elected by the citizens of Airdrie every four years. Together they are responsible for establishing corporate policy and setting strategic priorities.

Airdrie's Mayor and Council

Standing Council Committees

The City of Airdrie has three standing committees comprised of select elected officials and citizen members to review and consider matters and make decisions within specific scopes and mandates. These committees serve as specialized bodies that focus on certain areas of city governance.  

Advisory committees

Council’s advisory committees are established by bylaw that provides advice and recommendations as directed by Council for a sustained period

Appeal boards

Council's appeal boards are known as quasi-judicial boards. The boards hear appeals from citizens and businesses on certain decisions made by City Administration

Ad-hoc Committees

Council's ad-hoc committees are temporary and established to perform a specific task in support of their priorities.

External committees

Airdrie Council members represent the CIty on a number of different local, regional and provincial organizations. This representation shows that Council has determined that involvement on these groups are important for the City, but are not governed by the City.