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Growth pressures

'Alberta is Calling' and the Provincial ad campaign encouraging Canadians to relocate to Alberta is working.

Alberta’s population continues to see dramatic growth. In the twelve months preceding July 1, the province’s population expanded by about 184,000 people, or 4.1%. This represents a significant increase from the previous year (1.8% in 2021-2022) and the highest annual growth rate since 1981.

Alberta’s population expanded by 50,061 residents over the second quarter of 2023, or 1.1%. This represents the highest second quarter growth rate on record in the current data series, which began in 1971.

Government of Alberta website, November 2023

Alberta has the highest weekly wages of all Canadian jurisdictions, boasts some of the most affordable housing costs of all major Canadian centres and offers a high quality of life with quick access to the Rocky Mountains.

With the vast majority of newcomers settling in urban centres, Airdrie needs the Government of Alberta to actively partner with our municipality to accommodate and support population growth.

2023 Provincial budget

Limited funding was directed Airdrie’s way in the 2023-24 Alberta Budget despite extensive advocacy for key community priorities.

Funding for schools and healthcare upgrades (both provincial responsibilities) was announced, but very little dedicated funding was provided to support Alberta’s fastest growing city.

Growth requires transparent, criteria-based investment in roads, transit, community amenities like recreation and cultural centres, affordable housing, schools and health care.

Why Airdrie needs increased Provincial funding to support growth

  • Over 70% of Albertans live in Calgary, Edmonton or a mid-sized city like Airdrie.
  • According to the Government of Alberta 80% of Albertans will live in the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor by 2046.
  • A staggering 91% of the recent provincial population growth has happened in urban centres.
  • Airdrie’s total current population is over 80,000 residents and growing.
  • Airdrie’s population in 2003 was just 23,680.
  • Airdrie has been Alberta’s fastest growing city since 2016 and still is.
  • The city is expected to reach 100,000+ within the next seven years and is on track to become the third largest city in Alberta in less than 20 years.