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Cross connection control

The Cross Connection Control program works to protect the drinking water supply from pollution or contamination. This is done through established policy, administering guidelines and enforcement related to cross connections.

The program is a cooperative effort between plumbing and health officials, water surveyors, property owners and certified testers. It defines the type of protection required, the responsibility for the administration and enforcement, and provides public education tools.

The City's role in the program is to prevent non-potable water from flowing into the City's drinking water (potable water).

  • A plumbing permit is required when a device is initially installed.
  • Devices that require a plumbing permit need to be inspected by the City of Airdrie
  • Your current Cross Connection Control ticket and the current certification of the testing equipment must be submitted to Building Inspections prior to testing the device
  • When your test is complete submit the testing and inspection report to

  • Testable cross connection control devices must be tested ANNUALLY by a certified Cross Connection Control Specialist

Testing and inspection reporT (PDF)