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Speak at a Council meeting

Public Question Period can be attended in person or conducted by correspondence.

Residents can submit their questions to Council by email at or by regular mail at 400 Main Street SE, Airdrie AB T4B 3C3. Submissions must be able to be read within the five minute time limit.

Asking a question during a Council meeting

Council has a public question period at every meeting. This question period is allotted a total time of 30 minutes and it is requested that each speaker try to keep their questions to a maximum of five minutes.

Sometimes research is required before an answer can be provided and your question may not be answered at the meeting. If you have a question for Council, contact Legislative Services prior to the meeting to discuss the process.

Making a presentation to City Council

Should you wish to make an appointment to appear before Council, you may make a written request to Legislative Services at indicating the reason for your presentation. Please note that the information you submit will be distributed to the media and posted on the City's website as part of the Council agenda. Please do not include any information in your submission that you would not want made public.

Requests for appointments with Council must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to the requested Council meeting date.