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Speak at a Council meeting

Public question period can be attended in person or conducted by correspondence. Residents must pre-register their question as stated in the Council and Committees Procedure Bylaw B-45/2022 (sections 73 to 75). 

All questions must be pre-registered. 

Asking a question during a Council meeting

Public question period is a total of 30 minutes (per meeting) with a maximum of five minutes per person/group asking a question. 

Question registration process 

  • Those wishing to ask a question at a upcoming Council meeting must submit an email to the City Clerk at by noon at least five business days prior to the Council meeting agenda they wish the question to appear on. 
  • When submitting a question, you are required to include your legal name(s), contact information, topic and the outline/purpose of the question. 
  • Once a question is submitted, administration will review the question and either list the question as an item of correspondence on the agenda (if the question is within municipal jurisdiction) or not list the question and respond directly to the individual or group if the question is outside municipal jurisdiction. 
  • Once a question has been read into the record as an item of
    Correspondence at a Council Meeting, the individual or group will be invited to attend the next Council Meeting where the question will be addressed by Administration.

Making a presentation to City Council

Please note that the information you submit will be distributed to the media and posted on the City's website as part of the Council agenda. Please do not include any information in your submission that you would not want made public.

If you are invited to a Council meeting to have your question addressed:

  • the Mayor will invite the presenter(s) to state their name(s) and municipality of residence and to ask the question they have submitted
  • Council may ask questions of the presenter
  • Council may ask questions of Administration
  • Council may ask Administration to further research the topic and bring back any new recommendation to Council as an agenda item at a future Council Meeting.