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Mayor for a day

Mayor for a Day challengeIn collaboration with the City of Airdrie, local schools, and the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs, the Mayor for a Day Challenge provides grade six students a platform to create unique and innovative ideas that could make their community a better place to live.

This initiative aims to provide grade six students the opportunity to learn how the City functions and plans for current and future projects, while supporting their current educational objectives for learning about local government.

If you are a grade six student interested in applying and want to learn more about this challenge, please contact your teacher, or 

Mayor for a day winner!

The City of Airdrie and the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs selected the 2022 Mayor for a Day Challenge winner.

Congratulations to Neel M., Grade 6!

Challenge: Neel wanted to find a way to help visually impaired residents feel safer when moving around the community, especially through intersections.

Idea: Neel's idea is to implement tactile paving to crosswalks and other appropriate walkways in the city. Tactile paving is the usage of a dotted sidewalk on walkways to help those who are visually impaired using canes, blind rods, or feet to indicate a sidewalk or crossing.