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Monthly tax payment plan

The Monthly Tax Payment Plan (MTPP) is a convenient way to pay your property taxes. The plan divides your annual property taxes into monthly sums which are automatically withdrawn from your bank account. 

There are no fees or interest charged when enrolling in the Monthly Tax Payment Plan. Current participants do not need to reapply.

How MTPP works

  • Payments will be withdrawn from your bank account on the last day of the month. If the last day of the month is not a regular business day, the payment will be withdrawn the following business day.
  • The plan runs from Jan. to Dec. (first payment Jan. 31). Payments are recalculated in Jan. and June of each year.
  • The first five monthly payments will be based on the previous year’s tax levy. The payment amount for the last seven months of the year may change due to an increase or decrease to the annual levy. Participants will be notified of the new instalment amount required for the remaining payments.
  • The City does not charge for this service, however, normal bank service fees may apply.

Sign up for a Monthly Tax Payment Plan

There are a few steps to take to sign up for a MTPP.

  1. Ensure your tax account is paid up-to-date.
  2. You need to have a valid bank account/banking privileges at a financial institution.
  3. If you currently pay your property taxes with your mortgage, your mortgage company must waive that requirement.
  4. Lastly, complete the online application form. 

    Complete the MTPP application

When to sign up for a MTPP

Sign up early for lower monthly payments!

Monthly payments can be signed up for at any time but are calculated by taking the current tax levy and dividing it into the remaining months of the year. If you sign up for the MTPP earlier in the year, your monthly payments will be lower.

The following example shows the comparison for monthly payments if you sign up for MTPP in January versus June:

January start dateJune start date
Current tax levy
Current tax levy
Monthly payment
Monthly payment