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Secondary suites

The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is one of the primary regulatory tools available to the City of Airdrie. Land Use Bylaw B-01/2016 now allows the development of Secondary Suites in many Airdrie communities, as long as they are eligible and compliant with LUB requirements.

This page summarizes the requirements of the LUB and provides links to specific sections and additional resources.

In addition to the LUB, a Secondary Suite must meet requirements of the National Building Code.

What is a secondary suite?

A Secondary Suite is a secondary dwelling unit located within and accessory to a single detached dwelling.

In order to be considered a Secondary Suite, there have to be five separate elements in place:

  1. A separate entrance
  2. Living facilities
  3. Cooking facilities
  4. Sleeping facilities
  5. Sanitation facilities

If you are planning a secondary suite in your basement, you will need to obtain a Development permit for accessory suitE (PDF) as well as basement development permits (accessory permits).