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Garages, decks and outdoor home improvement

If you are planning to make changes to your property, outside of your home, some projects may require an accessory permit.

Examples of projects that may need permits include:

  • Hot tubs and swimming pools that could contain a maximum amount of water that exceeds 0.6m (2'-0") - including above ground pools
  • Alteration, improvement or addition of an existing residential building, electrical wiring, plumbing or gas and related equipment
  • Demolishing an existing construction

Apply for a permit

Your application will be submitted to and reviewed by our Building Inspections department.

The cost of the required permits is set out in the USER FEES AND CHARGES BYLAW B41/2023.

Apply for an accessory permit

Request an inspection

All work completed under a permit must be inspected. If you require assistance, please call 403.948.8832.

When should an inspection be booked?

An inspection is required once the construction/installation is complete prior to covering.

A fee will be applied at the time of inspection if any of the following is noted:

  • No address posted on site
  • Inspection not ready
  • Previous noted infraction not corrected

Book your inspection

Why is a permit important?

Getting a permit is far more important than most people think. Most people know the consequences of not getting your permit but the benefits to your safety and peace of mind are even more important. 

Adding to your home
Getting a permit when you are building a deck, shed, garage, installing a hot tub or finishing your basement comes with many benefits:

  • Helps protect your personal safety and your family’s safety by ensuring it meets safety standards
  • It costs less to get it up front. If you need to get a permit after the building has been done, the cost is double. And possibly more if you need to remove drywall so inspectors can see the wiring, plumbing etc.

Selling a home
When you prepare to sell your home, the Realtor is likely to ask for permits for finished basements, hot tubs, sheds etc. or, at a minimum, the Realtor will make the buyer sign a waiver. If you need to get the permits in order to sell your house, the cost will be double and possibly more if you need to remove drywall so inspectors can see the wiring, plumbing etc.

Buying a home
Buyer beware! Make sure you ask for permits on the home you are looking to buy. If you purchase it and then need to get permits, you will end up paying the double cost.

Get your building permit to ensure your safety and avoid added costs later on.