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Telecommunications towers

The approval process for telecommunication towers is governed by federal legislation under the Radiocommunication Act, overseen by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). The City of Airdrie is not an approving authority for any telecommunications towers, regardless of its location in our City.

Approval Steps

  1. Contact Local Authority: The tower proponent contacts the City of Airdrie.
  2. City Advises of Policies: The City provides guidance on relevant policies.
  3. Public Engagement: The proponent conducts public engagement in accordance with the City's Public Participation policy.
  4. Application for Concurrence: The proponent submits an application to the City, including a summary of public feedback and the associated fee.
  5. City's Position: The City has 21 days to provide an official position in writing (either a letter of concurrence or non-concurrence).
  6. Final Approval by ISED: The proponent satisfies ISED requirements. If the City does not provide a letter of concurrence, ISED will make the final decision.

ISED has an established Siting Policy (CPC-2-0-03) specific to telecommunication towers, which requires proponents to consult with local authorities and the public. The City of Airdrie has adopted the Telecommunication Infrastructure Policy to guide this consultation process.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your local Members of the Legislative Assembly and Member of Parliament.

Current Applications in Airdrie

SE Airdrie

Evolve Strategies, on behalf of TELUS, have put in an application to the Federal Government to build a telecommunication tower in SE Airdrie. The tower proponent completed public engagement, but has not yet submitted a request for concurrence to the City. The City has 21 days to provide an official position once the proponent submits a complete application for concurrence.