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Real property report

How do I find a Real Property Report (RPR) for my lot?

  • A RPR is a legal document that is prepared by a surveyor. It shows where your property lines are and the actual structures contained on your lot (including fences, driveways, sheds, houses, etc.). It includes the distance of structures relative to other structures and property lines. It also shows easements and utility right-of-ways which are important to know so you do not construct overtop of them. It also shows the area of structures on the lot which is necessary to know when calculating your total site coverage.
  • When you buy your house, your real estate agent and/or lawyer will likely have given you a package with important legal documents. Have a look through this package and often it will include the real property report.
  • If you cannot find your RPR, we may have one on file. For a fee fill out a request for property information form. If we have it, we will be able to make it available to you.
    Request for property information
  • Another option is to contact a surveyor to have a real property report prepared. It may be necessary to have a new one prepared if there are improvements and new structures built that are not captured on your existing RPR.

It is important to know where the easements and utility right-of-ways (UROW) are on your property so that you don’t construct your arbour within the easement or UROW or in a way that impedes access to the utility. Sometimes an encroachment can be considered. However, you must first contact the company or party to whom the easement or UROW is registered and get permission.

Certificate of compliance

Effective Sept. 1, 2022, RPR's will only be stamped digitally and e-mailed to applicants confirming the compliance. The City of Airdrie will no longer be stamping or returning paper copies of RPR’s. 

Email your Real Property Report to for a Certificate of Compliance. To avoid a delay in finalizing your transaction, you should apply for your compliance stamp as soon as you have decided to sell your property.

What is a Certificate of compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance is written confirmation from the City of Airdrie that development on a property meets the regulations of the Land use bylawLawyers and lending institutions need compliance certificates to protect their clients’ investments. Standard real estate purchase contracts often require the vendor to obtain a stamp of compliance.

Compliance certificates are provided as a service through your request, as it is not mandatory to have one all the time. A compliance certificate is issued by a compliance stamp on the property survey or a letter, depending on the type of request. The accuracy of the certificate depends on the quality and detail of your real property report. Using a current Real Property Report that shows all buildings, structures, hard surfacing (like driveways and patios) and fences on your property will help you get a more accurate compliance certificate.

A Real Property Report can be obtained through a registered Alberta Land Surveyor. There is a charge for this service. Consumers are advised to shop around as rates vary.