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Black carts

After a robust community survey with 6,058 participating households, 71 per cent of households who receive curbside collection are interested in a black cart program.

Waste & Recycling Services has recommended a new program to address several key concerns. The program aims to manage escalating costs of waste collection and enhance diversion efforts, while considering the limited number of contractors available for manual collection. Importantly, the program aligns with what residents have expressed in their survey feedback.

Review the black cart survey and program recommendation here.

At the Nov. 6 council meeting, Council accepted the black cart report and automated black cart program recommendation for information, requesting that staff return in 2024 with more information about program pricing.

Survey insights

The feedback was extensive and valued. Top concerns include:

  • The impact on costs.
  • Potential changes to collection frequency.
  • The potential for increased landfill waste.

However, residents also see the benefits:

  • The potential for a cleaner community with less litter.
  • An easier process for our collection workers.
  • The choice of cart size to suit individual household needs.

Learn more about 2023 survey results

Next steps

Staff are working on pricing for the following program:

  • Automated collection
  • The option to select a garbage cart size;
  • Different rates for service reflective of garbage cart size;
  • Weekly or biweekly collection;
  • Excess waste disposal with excess waste tags set out next to cart;
  • A medical exemption program.

We're committed to transparency and collaboration. We will return to Council with a rate structure proposal in 2024.