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Water restrictions

Airdrie is currently under level four outdoor water restrictions due to an extensive water main break in Calgary. All outdoor water use is temporarily banned and indoor water conservation is strongly encouraged.

June 17, 3:30 p.m. water restriction update:

  • Great work, Airdrie! Our community's efforts to reduce water usage are paying off. Yesterday, June 17, we saw a 25 per cent drop in water usage compared to normal levels before the outdoor water restrictions.
  • The fire ban remains in effect due to the ongoing water crisis. This helps limit the need for fire suppression, conserving our water supply.
  • The Genesis Place pool and aquatics facilities will remain closed up to and inclusive of July 1.
  •  Ice-arena activities resumed over the weekend. The water used to maintain the City’s ice arenas is being supplied from sources outside the Calgary water main break impacted region via a water truck.

Outdoor water restrictions:


  • Water lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs and flowers by any method other than rain water.
  • Wash down any outdoor surfaces, including exterior building surfaces, windows, sidewalks, driveways, or walkways of any sort unless your business requires to for health and safety reasons.
  • Wash cars on driveways or streets.
  • Fill outdoor decorative features, fountains, pools, or hot tubs.
  • Use potable water for construction purposes such as grading, compaction, or dust control

Voluntary indoor water restrictions:

There are no boil water advisories in effect within the City of Airdrie and water remains safe to drink. To ensure we share the water currently available, we are asking Airdrie residents to immediately restrict indoor water use by taking the following voluntary actions:
  • Use dishwasher and washing machine only when required and with full loads.
  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Limit showers to five minutes or less and keeping baths shallow.
  • Scrape plates clean rather than rinsing food off.
  • Turn off humidifiers and ice machines, delay washing vehicles,
  • Businesses using large volumes of non-essential water, such as laundromats and car washes, are being asked to reduce water use.
  • Businesses using water to deliver a product or service that is life sustaining for people and animals are exempt. Other exemptions include any businesses that must use water to meet health code standards, such as health centres and restaurants.

We thank residents for their cooperation in making temporary sacrifices to ensure that Airdrie and our surrounding communities have water for life-saving purposes. 

Water restrictions - frequently asked questions

  • What do I do if I have new sod?
    If you have new sod that you're worried about dying, you can contract a landscape company or water hauler to bring potable water from places like Crossfield, Carstairs, or Cochrane. Keep proof of purchase for Municipal Enforcement. You can also use harvested rainwater to water your sod. If you haven't installed sod yet, please delay until a later date. No exemption permits are being granted at this time.
  • How long will these water restrictions last?
    The water restrictions are expected to continue into early July and possibly beyond. The situation is being monitored closely, and updates will be provided as the situation evolves. 
  • Can I use rainwater to water my plants?
    Yes, you can use harvested rainwater to water your plants. Collecting rainwater is a great way to conserve our limited potable water supply.
  • Why is the City still watering plants?
    The City is using non-potable water sources to water plants. This helps to ensure that potable water is reserved for essential uses. We are prioritizing the conservation of our limited potable water supply.
  • Can I pull water out of stormwater ponds?
    No, using water from stormwater ponds for irrigation or any other purpose is prohibited under the Drainage Bylaw No. B-03/2014. Section 10.1 states that storm drainage must not be diverted, used, or re-used without written approval from the City Manager and the applicable Provincial and/or Federal agencies. Using stormwater can pose safety risks and violate regulations.
  • Are we going to see a decrease on our bills?
    Water bills are based on usage, so reducing consumption can lead to lower bills.

Previous water restriction updates

June 16, 11 a.m. water restriction update:

  • We understand how challenging this situation is with unknown timelines and changes to routines, but we’re proud of our community's efforts in reducing water usage by an average of 22 per cent. Let's keep up the good work and continue to support each other.
  • The City will be doing main flushing along 8 St. for regulatory compliance. Flushing water lines is required to maintain a minimum chlorine residual of 0.1 mg/L, as per provincial regulations. The City explored options to collect the flushed water, but due to road infrastructure (medians), it is not possible.
  • Even with rain in the forecast, the fire ban remains in effect due to the ongoing water crisis. This helps limit the need for fire suppression, conserving our water supply.
  • Consider going to a car wash in another community, but remember it's against the bylaw to wash your car in your driveway. Let’s all do our part to limit water to essential use.

June 13, 4:30 p.m. water restriction update:

  • Yesterday showed an increase in water use – creeping up to a 17 per cent reduction from our pre-water restriction usage. We need everyone to continue their efforts to reduce water use.
  • Genesis Place will be closed throughout the weekend to help conserve water.
  • We’ve had a few Municipal Enforcement complaints about residents taking water from stormwater ponds. Please don’t do this, as it could be a safety risk and is not allowed under Drainage Bylaw No. B-03/2014.

June 12, 11 a.m. water restriction update:

  • Water consumption is down an average of 23 per cent since June 5, before the water main break and the outdoor water restrictions were announced.
  • Calls to Municipal Enforcement about water usage have been minimal. M.E. used each opportunity to educate about the outdoor water ban, resulting in no repeat complaints or fines.
  • We understand that the recreation closures are impacting athletes and that everyone is eager to get back into our facility. Airdrie's water is supplied by the City of Calgary, so we must mirror their water-related restrictions, including municipal recreation facility closures. Private facilities and those operated by third-party organizations are not bound by this agreement and therefore have more flexibility during this water shortage. Communication about the pool and arena closures, and their impacts, will be sent directly to user groups and posted here on Thursday morning, including decisions for the weekend.

June 9, 11 a.m. water restriction update:

  • Water use has decreased since restrictions were put in place on June 6, but there remains a risk demand could outstrip supply if water use increases.
  • Businesses and residents are strongly encouraged to continue to voluntarily reduce indoor water usage and to only utilize water for essential needs.
  • Airdrie’s top 100 water users have been contacted and asked for a voluntary reduction in usage
  • Please report any violations to 403.948.8888.
  • Development activities may continue if using non-potable water. Contractors have been notified that they can bring water from unaffected areas (e.g. Cochrane, Okotoks) with proper documentation.
  • City pools and arenas continue to remain closed until further notice.
  • The City of Calgary has reported they have uncovered the pipe in need of repair.
  • Airdrie remains under level four water restrictions and a fire ban.

June 7, 7 p.m. water restriction update:

  • Airdrie Water Services staff continue to monitor the situation closely. The flow rates and water quality remain unchanged.

June 7, 10:30 a.m. water restriction update:

  • The City of Calgary reported that yesterday there was a significant reduction in water use up until the afternoon and then it, unfortunately, increased in the evening to the point of depleting the reserves.
  • If the current rates of consumption continue, there will not be enough water to meet basic needs.
  • Water quality remains safe and Airdrie Water Services staff continue to monitor it very closely.
  • The pool and arenas in Airdrie will remain closed over the weekend.

June 6, 3 p.m. water restriction update:

  • All City-operated aquatic facilities will close at 4 p.m. Genesis Place fitness centre and non-water-based programs will remain available.
  • All impacted water-based programs, classes, and lessons will be automatically cancelled and a credit applied to accounts. These closures are taking place in line with the City of Calgary, who are closing these facilities as a fire suppression contingency plan.
  • All arenas will close at 4 p.m., except for those with dry pads (non-ice). Some ice bookings will be impacted, and groups will be notified.
  • Municipal Enforcement is out in the community educating residents and businesses on level four water restrictions as a primary approach
  • Businesses using large volumes of non-essential water are restricted. This includes water use for construction, exterior window washing, pesticide application and washing outdoor surfaces (except where required for health and safety regulations).
  • Airdrie Fire Department has put training on hold to reduce water usage.