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Water Conservation

Stage 2 water restrictions lifted Oct. 31, 2023

Effective Oct. 31, Airdrie will lift its outdoor water use restrictions, in line with The City of Calgary. Lower temperatures and seasonal changes have stabilized water demand, which isn't expected to rise.

We thank our residents and businesses for respecting water restrictions over the last two months. Between August and October water use in Airdrie decreased by a total of 9,218,180 litres year over year. This would be the equivalent of filling all the pools at Genesis Place roughly seven times. Your cooperation helped lower water demand during the drought, which was due to low snowpack, early snowmelt and ongoing hot, dry weather affecting the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

Although the restrictions have been lifted, we encourage you to make water conservation part of your daily lives. 

Water conservation

The average Airdrie resident uses 250 litres of water per day. That’s the equivalent of two full bathtubs of water per person - every day!

Save money and reduce water use on water bills using these water conservation tips.

Why should we conserve water?

The City of Airdrie is one of over 10 municipalities that rely on the Bow and Elbow rivers for their water supply. These rivers supply drinking water, provide habitats for plant and aquatic life and are also vital for agriculture, recreation, tourism and industry. With so much depending on these rivers, it is important that we manage our water consumption to ensure long-term sustainability for all water users. Conserving water also reduces your water thus saving you money!

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