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Development permit

The City requires the issuance of a Development Permit for most proposed developments prior to any development commencing.

The provision applies to:

  • new buildings
  • additions or expansions
  • replacement or repair of existing buildings
  • change in use, or intensity of use, of land or buildings
  • excavation or stockpiling of soil
  • signage on buildings or private land. 

The Land Use Bylaw outlines the types of development allowed in each land use district, the rules and regulations governing those uses, and indicates which types of development do not need a development permit.

Questions regarding applications can be directed to our Planning Department at 403.948.8832.

For most construction projects, a BUILDING PERMIT is also required. However, not all developments require the issuance of a development permit or a building permit.

Once your development permit has been approved, a building inspector will review your application to ensure compliance with the National Building Code. You will be issued a Building Permit if your drawings have all the information required. It is your responsibility to ensure that construction complies with the National Building Code.

It's best to consult with the Building Inspections Department before you begin any construction work. Contact the Building Inspections Department at 403.948.8832