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Airdrie Multi-Use and Library Facility Public Art Selection Panel

The Public Art Selection Panel (PASP) is an advisory committee, consisting of five voting members as follows:

  • one elected official
  • one member of the Airdrie Arts and Culture Council
  • one local or regional professional artist, as defined as someone who has specialized training, is critically recognized as a professional by their peers, is active in and committed to their art practice, has a history of public exhibitions and/or has produced an independent body of work
  • two citizen members with an interest and understanding of Airdrie’s history and heritage, with an appreciation of modern-day public art
  • City administration and/or consultants in a supportive and non-voting capacity

Public Art Selection Panel member responsibilities

The Public Art Selection Panel (PASP) will be selected by Council in mid-January. Members can anticipate investing approximately 20-hours of their volunteer time to the panel and its process between their selection date and the final selection of the artist in April 2024.

Public Art Selection Panel members will be responsible for:

  • reviewing and understanding the project's objections, themes and goals
  • demonstrating a strong commitment to equity and inclusion
  • identifying and removing potential barriers to equity and inclusion through the selection process, including issues of unconscious, implicit and any other kinds of bias
  • assessing the merits of each applicant against the selection process framework
  • demonstrating impartiality and objectivity as a panel member
  • attending and participating in interviews of artist applicants
  • maintaining confidentiality throughout the selection process

The Public Art Selection Panel will meet according to a scheduled agreed upon by the panel at the first meeting. Meetings may be attended virtually or in-person and will be closed to the public. Public Art Selection Panel meetings may be cancelled or additionally scheduled at the call of the Chair. Questions regarding joining the Public Art Selection Panel can be directed to

Read the full terms of reference for the PASP

The public art selection process

The public art selection process for the Airdrie Multi-use Facility and Library will consist of two-stages. Those on the art panel will create a shortlist of up to four artists/artist teams based on the qualifications demonstrated in submitted applications. Shortlisted artists will be contacted to create a detailed artist proposal for further review by the community, a technical review panel and the Public Art Selection Panel. 

Read more on the call for artists and the selection process

Council endorsed objectives and artwork themes for the project

The art selected for placement at the Airdrie Multi-Use Facility and Library should reflect the artwork themes endorsed by Council.

The selected artwork should align with one of the following themes:

  • natural features of the Airdrie Multi-Use Facility and Library site and/or in Airdrie
  • local Indigenous history or contemporary culture
  • Airdrie's rural farming history or agricultural origins
  • Airdrie's railroad history

The selected artwork should also align with the following public art objectives for the Airdrie Multi-Use Facility and Library:

  • enhance the quality of life for both visitors and established neighbouring communities
  • add value to the cultural, aesthetic and economic vitality of the facility
  • build civic engagement and social capital and encourage civic discourse
  • help reinforce a strong sense of community pride, ownership and a sense of belonging
  • celebrate community identity and culture
  • promote economic development and tourism
  • create jobs in creative industries

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