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Homelessness estimation survey

Airdrie’s first Houselessness Estimation Survey took place from March 11 to May 15, 2024. The survey is now closed.

Housing insecurity is an issue that affects us all and can happen to anyone at any time due to unforeseen life events, escalating living costs, or a lack of affordable housing. The forthcoming results of the survey will help the City quantify homelessness in Airdrie, inform our work in affordable housing, and support advocating and applying for funding to prevent and respond to homelessness.

Survey Respondents

Housing insecurity describes the situation of anyone without stable, permanent, appropriate housing, or the immediate means and ability of acquiring it.

Survey respondents included residents who are:

  • Living on the street, or in a place that is not secure or does not meet public health and safety standards (for example, living on sidewalks, in parks, alleyways, in abandoned buildings, or in a vehicle or garage)
  • Staying in overnight emergency shelters as a result of homelessness/houselessness or domestic/family violence
  • Living in a place that is temporary or lacking security (for example, couch-surfing, living in an RV or trailer, living in transitional housing, or living in a situation where there is domestic/family violence, etc.)
  • At-risk of losing their current accommodations (for example, if you are unable to afford high rent increases, are one missed rent payment away from eviction, in a housing unit on the verge of being condemned for health, by-law or safety violations, etc.)

Houselessness Estimation Survey

Respondents completed the survey either online or in-person (via paper copy) at participating service providers in the community. 
  • All information collected through the survey is anonymous.
  • The City’s third-party consultant, the Rural Development Network (RDN), will do all data analysis and compile the survey results into a customized community report, detailing recommendations and options to address and prevent homelessness or houselessness in Airdrie.
  • The Homelessness Estimation Survey results will be shared in fall 2024.

Participating agencies

Thank you to all of the participating agencies who helped promote and administer the survey!