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Cat ownership

The City of Airdrie's Animal Control Bylaw outlines the responsibilities of cat ownership.  Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information.

Cat owners must ensure their cats:

  • have and wear a cat licence when outside the home starting from when they are three months old
  • only three cats per household
  • do not run at large

Cat trapping

Municipal Enforcement has partnered with Alberta Pound and Rescue Centres, APARC, to provide our community with services to improve local animal welfare.

APARC can provide cat traps when needed. Make an appointment to rent a cat trap by calling 403.768.0274.

Please be aware of Procedures and Guidelines in Schedule "E" for cat trapping in Animal Control Bylaw No. B-33/2016 2017 Consolidation (pdf).

If you have any questions, concerns or wish to file a complaint about a cat running at large, please contact Municipal Enforcement at 403.948.8892.