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Utilities for rental properties and renters

All residential utility accounts must be set up in the registered owners name as per our Waterworks bylaw. Renters cannot set up for City of Airdrie utilities.

If you have a rental property in Airdrie, please be aware that:

  • the water service stays in your name
  • it is your responsibility to keep your account in good standing
  • the City will only share detailed account information with registered owners; renters cannot make enquiries on the utility account

As we bill on a four week billing cycle, we do offer additional services for owners with rental properties:

  • You may request a meter reading for the day your renter moves out. A consumer requested meter read fee will be applied to your final bill. The City of Airdrie requires 5 working days notice prior to the date that account is to be finalized.
  • You may provide a meter reading for the day your renter moves out (no charge).

After the reading is done or provided we will send you a final bill. The account is then re-opened, in your name, for your new renter. An application fee will be charged to the new account and your account number will change.

Note that we will not estimate a final bill. If you require a dollar amount to give your tenants to pay, please request or call in a meter reading.  You may also use the Bill Estimator Tool.

Renter access to account information

Your renter can now gain access to the account balances and due dates via myAIRDRIE.  They will need to link the utility account to their myAIRDRIE page.

To link the utility account, your renter needs:

  • The account number
  • The amount last billed

We will not supply the renter with this information.  It must be obtained from you, the owner of the property.

You will receive an email notifying you whenever a renter has linked your utility account to their myAIRDRIE page.  If you do not have a myAIRDRIE page, you will not receive notification that the renter has linked to your account.  Once you have received notification, you can grant your renter access to view full billing details online.  The renter will not have access to your personal information.  They will only be able to see the billing details of the account.

Renters may also pay the utility account from myAIRDRIE using either a VISA or MasterCard.

If you do not wish for your renter to have access to the account, you may de-link the renter from your myAIRDRIE page.

We strongly recommend that if you are renting your property, to register for a myAIRDRIE page. Link the Utility and turn on your e-notifications. You will receive valuable information about the account and any arrears warning notices.