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Ron Ebbesen Twin Arenas mid-life upgrades

Constructed in 1991, Ron Ebbesen Twin Arenas hosts two sheets of ice for community use, which includes home-ice use for multiple local sports organizations. The facility has been factored into assessments of the community's recreation needs and will continue to provide ice surfaces for the next 25 to 30 years. To ensure Ron Ebbesen Twin Arenas can continue to serve the community, the facility will undergo mid-life upgrades construction in 2025. The facility will temporarily close for construction in March of 2025 and is expected to reopen in early-fall of the same year.

What is being upgraded

Upgrades scheduled in the Ron Ebbesen Twin Arenas mid-life upgrade address facility accessibility, user functionality of periphery spaces and improve operating efficiencies. These upgrades include, but are not limited to:

Area of upgradedetails
Ice pads, refrigeration system and condenser Replacing ice pads to incorporate more efficient and less corrosive glycol system and address freezing issues.
Arena boards Maintenance replacement of original board system
Spectator stands Replacement of original wooden board materials to aluminum stands and seating while incorporating accessibility standards
Washrooms Update and retrofit original lobby and lounge washrooms to accessibility standards
Lobby drypad mini-rink Installation of a mini dry pad rink in the lobby to provide safe spontaneous use activity zone for spectators and those finishing or waiting to start their games
Lobby and arena flooring Upgrade flooring surface materials to allow for patrons to put their skates on in the lobby
Lounge flooring Upgrade lounge flooring to hard surface material.