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Utility rates and payment options

The City of Airdrie offers a number of payment options. Choose the option that is right for you and return your payment by the date specified on your bill.

  1. Online payment:


  2. Pre-authorized payment plan: Your pre-authorized payment will be withdrawn on the due date of each bill.  This date will vary - It is based on the date your water meter is read. 
  3. Pre-authorized budget payment plan: A preset amount will be withdrawn from your bank account on the last day of each month, rather than the full amount on the due date.
  4. Online or telephone banking: Most banking institutions have the City of Airdrie listed for making payments via the Internet or telephone banking. You can set up your payments through the following banking institutions: ATB, BMO, CIBC, Credit Union, HKBC, RBC, Scotia and TD Canada Trust. Please be sure to use all eight digits of your account number without the decimal point. Payments are usually received and processed by the City within two to three business days.
  5. In-person at most banks and financial institutions: Payment can be made at the bank through the tellers or at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Please note it can take up to two weeks to process payments made through an ATM as it goes to the clearing centre in Calgary to be sorted before it is sent to the City of Airdrie.
  6. By mail: Be sure to include your bill stub or account number. Do not mail cash. Please make cheques payable to the City of Airdrie. 
    City of Airdrie
    Utilities Department
    400 Main Street SE
    Airdrie, AB T4B 3C3
  7. By phone: Have your account number, credit card number, expiry date, CSV number (three digit number on the back of the credit card) and amount of payment ready.
  8. City Hall Drop Box: A drop box is available at City Hall where you can drop off your cheque payment. Be sure to include your bill stub or account number.

Accounts addressed to NEW HOME OWNER will not be able to sign up on a pre-authorized payment plan through your bank account.

You will have access to the MyAirdrie pre-authorized payment plan using your credit card. Once the account is registered in your name, you will have full access to all our pre-authorized payment plans listed above. 

Residential daily water, sewer and garbage rates


Water meter internal diameter for Residential is 15 mm (.625) includes R-1 & R-2 dwellings.

Fixed rate / per dayConsumption rate / per cubic meter
$0.74 $1.4999


Water meter internal diameter for Residential is 15 mm (.625) includes R-1 & R-2 dwellings.

Fixed rate / per dayConsumption rate / per cubic meter
$1.61 $2.0573


Environmental service charge for the use of recycling facilities, household hazardous waste collection, spring clean-up and other environmental programs. This is charged on both Condominiums (per unit) and Residental homes

Fixed rate / per day


Condominium complexes and apartments are not charged for garbage, organics and recycling collection, therefore, they are not eligible for door to door pick-up.

Residential garbage, organics and recycling collection

Fixed rate / per day
$0.85 until May 31, 2023                $0.79 Effective June 1, 2023

Effective June 1, 2023, the average residential utility bill for a customer using 13 cubic meters of water will cost $139.76. This is based on a 28 day billing cycle.