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Promoting diversity in trees, bees and urban agriculture

The City has many programs that promote diversity in trees, bees and urban agriculture. A focus on diversity in trees, bees, and urban agriculture can contribute significantly to Council's goal of environmental sustainability by promoting ecological resilience, reducing emissions and enhancing community well-being.

Tree donation on public land

If you're looking for a way to honour the memory of a loved one and make a positive impact on the environment, donating a tree on City land can be a meaningful option to consider. Not only does it promote biodiversity but it also provides a tangible reminder of your loved one that can be visited and appreciated for years to come.

Learn about the tree donation process

Urban agriculture

Urban agriculture, including backyard hens and urban beekeeping, is a practice that promotes environmental sustainability.

Urban agriculture helps to reduce the carbon footprint of food production by reducing the distance that food travels from farm (or in this case, backyard) to table. This reduces the emissions associated with transportation, storage and refrigeration.

Urban agriculture can also help make communities stronger by creating local food systems. This can reduce a problem called "food insecurity," which is when people don't have enough food to eat. Urban agriculture can also educate people about where their food comes from. By growing their own food, people can feel empowered and in control of their own food supply.

Learn more about Airdrie's urban ag program

Bee city

The City of Airdrie's recognition as a Bee City showcases its dedication towards environmental sustainability. By preserving and promoting pollinator habitats, the City is taking steps towards promoting biodiversity and supporting healthy ecosystems. The planting of native trees, shrubs and forbs ( non-woody, flowering plants with soft stems, like wildflowers and dandelions), as well as maintaining pollinator areas within parks, pathways and gardens, helps to create a sustainable environment that is beneficial for both pollinators and the community. 

Learn more about pollinators and our bee city recognition 

Community gardens and orchards

Community orchards provide fresh produce, foster community engagement and promote environmental sustainability.

Learn about Airdrie's community orchards