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Cart and bag placement

All single-family homes in Airdrie are assigned one blue and one green 240-litre cart, garbage is set out in a bag. When you move into a brand new home and sign up for your utilities (water, waste and sewer) through the City, your carts will be delivered to your home.


Airdrie has a one bag garbage limit

One bag or equivalent, no larger than 90cm x 127cm (35" x 50") and no heavier than 25kg (55 lbs) can be placed at the curb for collection, as per the Waste Management Bylaw.

Residents are welcome to purchase a container to store and set out waste. The container size cannot exceed 120L and waste cannot be loose.

Placement tips

  • Ensure one metre (3 feet) of clearance around and above blue or green carts to allow the automated truck to pick up the cart safely.
  • The cart must be ON the street/alley. Not on the sidewalk or driveway.
  • Ensure the front of blue and green carts face the street/alley (arrows on the cart indicate the front).
  • Cart lids need to close, carts will not be collected if they are overfilled.
  • Carts need be stored in your garage, by your house or in a shed and not on the street.

Missed collection or having issues?

If you are experiencing challenges with cart collection or placement, please . Staff will assist residents to determine a solution for successful curbside pick up.