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Fire recruitment and training

The City of Airdrie Fire Department (AFD) is not currently recruiting. 

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City of Airdrie career alerts and postings

For further information, please Send us a message.

A rewarding career

Catch a small glimpse of what it's like to be a part of this high-performing and innovative team:


The rewards of being a firefighter are numerous. The work is ever changing and challenging. Today’s firefighter is a skilled professional trained to handle every kind of emergency.

Through continual training and experience, Airdrie Firefighters gain knowledge of the latest developments in fire fighting, rescue techniques, medical emergency procedures, public education, controlling hazardous materials, fire prevention legislation and fire investigation techniques. 


  • Responsible for all fire suppression duties necessary to save life and property
  • Preform inspections as needed for Fire Prevention Department
  • Combat and suppress fires by rapidly and efficiently performing required duties
  • Provide emergency medical co-response and medical treatment
  • Deliver age appopriate fire and injury prevention programs
  • Provide service assistance other First Responders and public
  • Service and maintain fire stations, equipment and all apparatus
  • Maintain Firefighting skills, knowledge and physical requirements to preform duties
  • Commit to be a life long learner by expanding knowledge