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Gateway Neighbourhood Structure Plan

The Gateway Development area was initiated in 2007 with the adoption of the Gateway Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP), a development area intended to provide a range of industrial and commercial land uses. At that time, technical information supported a limit of 250,000ft² of commercial development space due to the capacity of existing transportation network. Recently, this total amount of commercial development space was exceeded. Consequently, further commercial development cannot be approved without supporting transportation information demonstrating that Gateway’s road network can support additional traffic. This limitation affects all properties noted within Direct Control Bylaw 27 (DC-27) as noted in Section 9.2.22 of Airdrie’s Land Use Bylaw.

Development thresholds such as this are established to ensure that new development does not overload the existing transportation network by creating too much traffic in a specific geographic area. The City of Airdrie reviews and processes applications for new development/construction or to the approved land use in existing buildings and considers impacts to transportation as part of development applications.
Important guiding documents relating to the Gateway Development Area include:

What does this mean for future development?

Accordingly, all new development permit applications for commercial uses:

  • Must provide a trip generation letter for new construction and/or changes to the approved land use in existing buildings;
  • Must provide an updated letter to the Gateway traffic impact assessment for new construction; and
  • May be required to pay a contribution to future traffic upgrades in the Gateway area for new development permit applications (if additional vehicle trips are created by the commercial use)

Learn more:

Additional details can be provided by contacting the Planning & Development Team at or 403.948.8832.