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Private snow clearing

Residential roads are not plowed to bare pavement; instead, snow is plowed to boulevards or to the side of the road.

Currently, there is no removal on residential roads., however residents may hire a private snow clearing contractor to plow their residential roads. The City does not regulate contractor fees or collect any portion of the fees. Residents are responsible for negotiating all fees, terms and payment of the services completed. The City does not pay for the services.

Interested in becoming a snow clearing contractor?

Contractors can apply for a seasonal use of streets permit, allowing them to remove snow from City property, including windrows. Once obtained, contractors can be hired by residents to clear windrows from the street. Snow removed from streets cannot be placed back on the street, nearby medians, or other City property such as parks. Snow collected must be placed on appropriate private property or taken to the contractor's site. The City does not authorize snow to be dumped at city storage sites. 

  • The seasonal street permit fee is $50.
  • Contractors must have a valid Airdrie business license and $2M of general liability Insurance.
  • Snow removed by a private contractor cannot be placed back on the street, sidewalk, median or other City property such as parks.

Contractors wishing to be included on the approved snow clearing contractor list can complete a seasonal use of streets permit by calling 403.948.8415.