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Pilot programs for snow clearing

Conducting a pilot programs provide an opportunity for staff to determine interest and assess the impact resources, budget, processes and safety.

Please note: pilots may be cancelled at any time should the program pose significant challenges or risks to safety and/or operations.

Snow clearing pilot program

City of Airdrie roads are plowed during the winter on a priority system to ensure the highest traffic roadways are maintained first. Residential roads are plowed when the road is rendered impassable or in extenuating circumstances. Road crews complete a straight blade plow pass to minimize rutting and ensure roads are passable. Residential roads are not plowed to bare pavement. Snow is plowed to boulevards or to the side of the road.

In 2021, Council approved a pilot program that would allow residents to hire a private contractor to clear residential roads in front of their homes.

Approved snow clearing contractors

The City is currently accepting applications for snow clearing contractors. Once approved, the City will post the names of the contractors on this page that have met the requirements for a Seasonal Use of Streets Permit and can be hired by residents to clear windrows from their driveway or from the street. Snow can be removed completely from site (trucked away) or could be piled on your front lawn.

City does not regulate any fees or collect any portion of the fees. You are responsible for negotiating all fees and terms.

Snow clearing pilot contractor application

Contractors snow clearing pilot requirements

What you need to know before applying for a seasonal use of streets permit:

  • A seasonal use of streets permit will allow you to remove snow from City property, including windrows at the end of driveways and on streets.
  • Contractors wishing to be included on the approved snow clearing contractor list can call 403.948.8415.
  • Contractors must have a valid Airdrie business license, $2M of General Liability Insurance and pay a $50 permit fee.
  • Snow removed by a private contractor can’t be placed back on the street, sidewalk or median, or on other City property (e.g., parks).
  • Please read the application carefully to ensure you meet all of the criteria.