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Property problems or complaints

The City of Airdrie, Municipal Enforcement and the RCMP respond to property problems/complaints depending on the issue.


Sewer backup

  1. Call a plumber to check your sewer service and clear any blockages.
  2. If the plumber suspects the backup is due to structural failure on public property or a blockage in the City main, call Water Services at 403.948.8871 (CCTV footage will need to be submitted by the property owner for City review). 

Vandalism to personal property

  1. If immediate police assistance is required, call 9-1-1. 
  2. For non-urgent situations, call the RCMP at 403.945.RCMP (7267) or make a report in-person at the Municipal Police Building. 

Property maintenance complaints

Airdrie's Municipal Enforcement works to ensure high levels of compliance with our City Bylaws regarding property maintenance (unsightly yards, snow removal). 

Learn more about Bylaw Enforcement of Property Maintenance