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Lost, stolen and donated bikes

Each year bicycles are recovered from parks and along pathways. The City of Airdrie holds bikes for a minimum of 30 days to give owners an opportunity to reclaim their bikes. If unclaimed, the bikes are brought to the Recycle Depot and offered for sale along with other donated bikes to Airdrie residents for a nominal fee.

If you are looking for a lost or stolen bike,  or call 403.948.0246 to see if the City has recovered your bike.

Bike sales at the Recycle Depot

The bike program is offered so residents may enjoy bikes at an affordable cost. Resale for profit is not the intent of the program and is not permitted. Staff reserve the right to refuse sales at their discretion.

The bike sale program runs from early May to early October each year.

The City does not inspect the bikes recovered nor have any knowledge of, or warrants the condition the bikes are in. Therefore, the bikes are sold “as is” with no liability on the part of the City. Furthermore, the purchaser, by paying the nominal fee, waives any rights or claims against the City and becomes solely responsible.