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Council focus areas

Airdrie is expected to reach a population of 90,000 in six to eight years.

For our City to grow into a well-planned, welcoming, safe and healthy city with its own identity, a focused strategy is essential. Council’s focus areas provide guidance on the things that will make significant impacts in achieving the desired results for each area.

These focus areas will guide Council when weighing decisions, direct Administration on where to focus energy and resources, and inform the community on what Council plans to achieve on their behalf.

Now that focus areas have been chosen, what's next?

  • Council budget planning and approval
  • Administration will plan and execute initiatives to achieve results
  • Community engagement
  • Report back to Council and the community on progress
  • Monitor progress and adjust direction as necessary 


Icon of vehicles to represent the Transportation Council focus areaWhy is it important?

  • Citizens want to move around Airdrie safely and easily in a variety of ways.
  • Accessible modes of transportation will help connect people to place.
  • Removing transportation barriers will enable more businesses to set up in Airdrie. This will generate more non-residential taxes and revenue for municipal services to the community.
  • The 40th Avenue partial interchange and planned rail underpass at Yankee Valley Boulevard are key pieces of infrastructure that will improve traffic flow and have a beneficial economic impact.

Leisure, recreation and culture

Icon of a water fountain to represent the Leisure, recreation and culture Council focus areaWhy is it important?

  • Four season opportunities for recreation and social connection through events, arts and culture are highly valued by our community and enhance residents’ quality of life.
  • Community facilities and amenities are needed to meet the demands of Airdrie’s growing population.
  • A revitalized downtown will be a place people want to gather, visit and be, where residents meet and connect socially.
  • The library multi-use facility and future westside recreation centre are key amenities that will serve our community.

Environmental protection

Water drop icon to represent the Environmental protection Council focus areaWhy is it important?

  • Water conservation measures, alternative energy solutions, and energy-efficient transportation options offer opportunities to responsibly protect the natural environment.
  • The City will need to ensure that the necessary infrastructure is in place to accommodate these shifts and incorporate solutions that reduce harmful environmental impacts.

Caring community

Family with baby icon to represent the caring community Council focus areaWhy is it important?

  • All residents feel a sense of belonging in our community.
  • Supporting and caring for citizens who are experiencing social vulnerability enhances social well-being and helps residents to access resources here in Airdrie so they can stay in the community.
  • Offering a full range of integrated below-market housing options allows residents to access housing that is achievable on their income. Developing a strategy to guide that is a foundational step.
  • Removing social and physical barriers to equity, diversity and inclusion will enable all members of our community to access opportunities and participate in activities.
  • Embracing the intent of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action will help create understanding to support stronger Indigenous connections in the community. Airdrie will be a place where all people can live with dignity, value, and purpose.

Economic development

Small business store front icon to represent the economic development Council focus areaWhy is it important?

  • Locating more businesses in Airdrie will shift the tax base away from reliance on residential taxation. It will support residents’ needs, both financial and social.
  • Retaining existing businesses will keep jobs in the community and maintain non-residential tax revenue to support community needs.
  • Residents can work, live, and play in Airdrie.
  • Revitalizing Airdrie’s downtown is essential for becoming a thriving small business center and place people want to gather, visit and be. Downtown investment provides a higher level of return than other parts of a city. It forms an important part of Airdrie’s brand and identity. Completion of the downtown plan is a foundational piece to guide revitalization.
  • Locating the library multi-use facility in the downtown will be a catalyst for downtown revitalization.

Informed and engaged community

An icon of a group of people linked in a circle to represent the informed and engaged community Council focus priorityWhy is it important?

  • Attracting new groups into the City’s citizen engagement processes to include a wider scope will ensure representation from residents with varying interests, backgrounds, and demographics.
  • Community stakeholders feel heard and that their input has been considered in decision-making.
  • Citizens will have access to information about civic events, service updates, City advocacy efforts and opportunities to get involved.
  • Creating a public engagement framework and having an online public engagement tool are foundational steps in improving engagement.


Group of three people holding hands in the air to represent the advocacy Council focus priorityWhy is it important?

  • Advocacy efforts for healthcare infrastructure and mental health supports for the community are of highest importance. Healthcare is a top concern for Airdrie residents.
  • Citizens will be able to see what actions Council and Administration are taking to advocate for Airdrie on a variety of issues.
  • A structured advocacy framework will position the City for increased success with advocacy efforts.
  • Citizens will understand what services fall within the City’s control and those that are outside the City’s direct control but can be influenced through advocacy by the community and the City.

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