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Maps and open data

The City of Airdrie GIS department provides digital maps to the public on their open data site free of charge, including the:

View the complete open data map gallery

Fees for maps/digital data

Not finding the information you need? Printed paper maps, select digital data and custom mapping and analysis can be provided for a fee through our GIS department at

34" x 44" black and white printed map (standard paper) $30 + GST
34" x 44" colour printed map (standard paper) $60 + GST
34" x 44" black and white or colour printed map (photo paper) $100 + GST
Digital map and data products
  • All publicly available GIS data will be published to the City of Airdrie Open Data portal. Data is provided free of charge under the terms of use of the City of Airdrie Open Data Policy.
  • All publicly available mapping products available on the City of Airdrie website and are available for download under the terms of the Open Data License.
All non-public GIS data and other data products may be available on a per request basis and the fees for such requests would be determined at the time of the request. Variable

Any charges are to recover the production costs for supplies and/or delivery. Payment can be made at City Hall by cash, credit card or debit.