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Three levels of government


Municipal government

In Canada, municipalities, or local governments, such as the City of Airdrie, are responsible for providing a wide range of services to their residents, including:

• Local road and water infrastructure and maintenance (including roads, sidewalks, water, wastewater, etc.)
• Public transit
• Garbage and recycling collection
• Parks and recreation
• Planning and development
• Fire protection
• Police (urban centres) and Municipal Enforcement
• Social, affordable & below-market housing
• Economic development
• Social and cultural services (libraries, arts facilities, community events, cemetaries)

Airdrie's local elected officials

Airdrie City Council has a full-time Mayor and six part-time Councillors (at-large) who are elected by the citizens of Airdrie every four years.

Meet City Council

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Provincial government

Provincial governments, such as the Province of Alberta, are responsible for:

• Education
• Health care
• Social services
• Natural resources and environment
• Energy
• Provincial transportation infrastructure and highways
• Justice
• Policing (rural and province-wide protective services)
• Victims Services

Airdrie's Provincial representation

Airdrie is represented in the Alberta Legislative Assembly by two members. Our city is divided between two electoral districts AIRDRIE-EAST and AIRDRIE-COCHRANE.

MLA for Airdrie-East
Constituency Office
209 Bowers Street
Airdrie, AB T4B 0R6
Phone: 403.948.8741
MLA for Airdrie-Cochrane
Constituency Office
Suite 1B, 60 Railway Street East
Cochran, AB T4C 1B5
Phone: 587.493.2050

Federal government

The Federal Government of Canada is responsible for:

• National defense
• International relations
• Currency and banking
• Postal service
• Telecommunications
• Immigration
• Criminal law
• Navigation and shipping
• Indigenous affairs
• National health care policy & some funding

Airdrie's Federal representation

Airdrie is represented in the Canadian House of Commons by Member of Parliament (MP) Blake Richards. Our city is currently located within the electoral district* of BANFF-AIRDRIE.

Member of Parliament Blake Richards
Constituency Office
620 - 1st Avenue NW, Suite 16
Airdrie, AB T4B 2R3
Phone: 403-948-5103

*Canadian electoral districts are changing. During an upcoming Federal election, residents of Airdrie will vote for an MP to represent the new riding of AIRDRIE-COCHRANE.

Shared responsibilities

In Alberta, municipalities share certain responsibilities with the provincial government. Some of these include:

Infrastructure Both, the municipality and the province, share the responsibility for the maintenance and construction of provincial infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and public transportation.
Planning and development The province is responsible for creating land use and regional plans, while municipalities are responsible for implementing and enforcing these plans through their own land use bylaws.
Emergency services The province is primarily responsible for coordinating emergency management services and providing Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Municipalities are responsible for providing day-to-day emergency response services such as fire protection and, in urban centres, policing. Some municipalities, such as Airdrie, choose to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) emergency medical response by training members of their local fire department to provide this level of medical care.
Environmental protection The province is responsible for protecting the environment and managing natural resources, but municipalities also have a role to play in protecting local air, water and land quality through land use planning and development control.
Affordable housing The province is responsible for providing funding and support for affordable housing initiatives, while municipalities are responsible for identifying local housing needs and implementing programs to address them.
Social Services The province is responsible for providing social services such as income support, child welfare and disability services, but municipalities also have a role to play in coordinating and delivering social services at the local level.


The Province of Alberta and the Federal Government of Canada share certain responsibilities. Some of these include:

Transportation Both, the provincial and the federal government, are responsible for maintaining and building transportation infrastructure such as highways, bridges and public transportation.
Natural resources The federal government is responsible for managing and conserving Canada's natural resources, but the province also plays a role in managing resources within its borders, such as oil, natural gas and forestry.
Environmental protection The federal government is responsible for protecting the environment and managing natural resources, but the province also has a role in protecting the environment through its own legislation and regulations.
Immigration The federal government is responsible for managing immigration and refugee matters, but the provinces also play a role in the selection and settlement of newcomers.
Indigenous affairs The federal government is primarily responsible for maintaining a relationship with Indigenous peoples, including, but not limited to land-rights and self-government. Provinces help to build partnerships between Indigenous communities, organizations, industry and other levels of government.
Justice and policing The federal government is responsible for creating criminal laws and maintaining the justice system, but the provinces are responsible for providing policing and administering justice within their borders.
Health care The federal government provides funding for the Canada Health Act, but health care services are the main responsibility of the provinces.