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Airdrie’s newest regional park

Aerial location of regional park on a mapIn 2022, we asked the community what you'd like to see in Airdrie’s newest regional park through the Recreation Needs Assessment. Council reviewed your feedback in November 2022 and chose a theme focused on "organized sports and civic, festival, arts and culture." This theme will help us balance costs with what the community and user groups really need.

The theme accommodates the need for sport amenities and an outdoor gathering space for the community.

We're now diving into the Master Plan. The Master Plan is a comprehensive, long-term blueprint that outlines the vision, goals and actionable steps for developing the park. It will cover things like land use, trails, amenities, environmental considerations and even budget constraints. This plan will be wrapped up by March 2024 and we'll start laying the groundwork in the last quarter of 2024.

The park will be developed in stages. First up will be trails and rest areas. After that, we’ll add more complex features like sports fields and other amenities you've told us are important. Until then, the land will stay off-limits to the public. It will still be farmed and ranched to keep it productive as we sort out the details.

We're excited to get started and we want you to be a part of the process. Let's build a park we can all be proud of!

Schematic design plan

The schematic design plan for the NE Regional Park includes:

  • West: A focus on civic/cultural events in the western area of the park
  • Centre: A large central area that focuses on keeping the natural features of the land and includes trails, trees, meadows, and a storm pond.
  • East: A large portion of the park that focuses on sports fields for active and organized sports, parking, camping, play areas, tennis and pickleball courts and areas for large gatherings, tournaments or festivals.

Learn more and explore some feedback we received on the design plan

Stay tuned for a full report on what we heard in early January.

Site history, analysis and design goals

Arcadis, the consultancy organization in charge of master site planning, completed a comprehensive analysis of the land as a first step in the master planning process. See the site history, analysis and more (PDF).