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New regional park

In 2021 the City of Airdrie acquired 185 acres of land in the northeast area of the city for $10.44M to be turned into Airdrie’s newest regional park. This new park will be designed for sports, events and cultural activities and will have unique features that will draw visitors from all over the city and surrounding region. It will be a place for the community to gather and have fun together.

We know that open spaces and outdoor recreation is important for our growing population of 100,000 residents, so City Administration and Council will work hard to make sure this park meets those needs. We've gathered input from the community about which amenities are most important and in 2022 we presented three potential themes to Council. We're now moving forward with the concept that balances fiscal sustainability with the needs of the community and user groups.

Master site planning will begin soon and it will take about a year to complete. We'll be developing the park in phases starting with trails and rest areas, then moving on to ball diamonds and rectangular fields and finally adding the remaining amenities. In the interim, the land will NOT be available for public use. It will continue to be leased to farmers and ranchers to ensure the land is productive while park planning work is completed.

We're excited to get started and we want you to be a part of the process. We'll be engaging with residents near the park and groups who will be part of the ultimate design in the coming months. Let's build a park we can all be proud of!

Organized sport and civic/event/arts theme

At the Nov. 21, 2022, regular meeting, Council approved an “organized sport and civic/event/arts theme” theme for the NE regional park.

This theme will likely include:

  • quad diamonds
  • several rectangular fields
  • open event space with an outdoor stage
  • a campground to support sport tournaments and on-site events 
  • a natural area with trails and interpretative features
colour coded block showing percentages of regional park allocation
legend for regional park allocation

The concept accommodates the need for sport amenities and an outdoor gathering space for the community.