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Fire and explosion investigations

Fire Prevention Officers(FPO’S) are an integral part of our commitment to the safety of the citizens of the City of Airdrie. All reported fires are investigated.

The objective of all fire investigations is to identify the origin, cause, and circumstances of events for every incident.

The purpose of a fire investigation is to limit the probability of the event happening again.

FPO’s are certified as Fire Group C1/C2 safety codes officer through the Safety Codes Council. Fire Prevention Officers will initiate the investigation immediately after the fire is brought under control.

Areas documented during the course of the investigations include details of fire ignition, growth, and development; contributions of building construction, interior finish and furnishings; fire detection and suppression scenarios; performance of structures exposed to the fire; smoke movement and control; human reaction (response) and evacuation; firefighting and rescue; fire propagation as a function of human reaction time; and the extent of life loss, injury and property damage.

Where the cause of the fire is determined to be arson or “set fires”, a full criminal investigation is conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).


Any instance of destructive and uncontrolled burning, including explosion of combustible solids, liquids or gases.