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Fire bans and advisories

Types of alerts in Alberta

The three that you will see most often are fire advisories (yellow), fire restrictions (orange) and fire bans (red). A forest area closure (black) is the fourth level, but because it is only available to provincial representatives within Alberta's Forest Protection Area (FPA), it is rarely used.

  1. Fire Advisory - This level is meant to inform the public that the fire hazard rating has increased and there may be certain restrictions on burning. It may also be used as a warning that a more restrictive alert may be coming if the situation does not improve, or for short-term concerns like major wind events.
  2. Fire Restriction - This level acts as a higher level of warning before a fire ban. Certain types of burning will be restricted, while certain types will be allowed. It is important to read the details of the fire restriction, as they will vary from municipality to municipality.
  3. Fire Ban - A fire ban is usually put in place when a municipality has taken steps to restrict or prohibit most or all types of fire use within that area. It is important to read the details of the fire ban very closely, as they can vary from place to place.

Fines or Penalties
Any person who ignites, fuels, supervises, maintains or permits an outdoor fire within the municipal boundaries of City of Airdrie during a fire ban can be fined. Should the fire get out of control and emergency fire response is required, the person responsible for the fire can be charged the full firefighting costs.

Provincial vs. municipal fire bans and advisories

Provincial fire bans and advisories apply to all Crown Land in Alberta. The City of Airdrie's bans and advisories apply to all lands within the Airdrie city limits. This is because individual municipalities regulate their own fire status.

Further information regarding provincial fire conditions is available at ALBERTAFIREBANS.CA