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Capital projects

The Capital Projects office is responsible for planning, budgeting and managing major capital projects. These projects include roadways, underground services, parks, facilities, all new building construction and major renovations.

24th Street - Cobblestone Collector to Southwinds Collector (2 lane) & Design

Detailed design of the 24th Street two lane upgrade between Cobblestone & Southwinds will begin in 2022. This project will extend north-south capacity in the SW area of the City, consistent with the 2020 Transportation Master Plan (PDF). The improvement will make it possible for future east-west connections in conjunction with 40 Avenue West improvements and facilitate development opportunities in the southwest, including new opportunities in the annexed lands to the west of 24th Street.

24th Street - Reunion to 800m North - Design

Detailed design of the 24th Street two lane divided roadway between Reunion & 800m North will start in 2022. This project will support future development in the northwest area of the city, north of Reunion.

40th Avenue Interchange to QEII

The project includes the construction of a new interchange (QEII overpass with on/off ramps), two overpasses (CP Rail and Main Street) and a bridge (Nose Creek). Learn more ABout the 40th Avenue Interchange project

40th Avenue - 8 Street to Reynolds Gate (additional 4 lane) – Design & Construction     Completed Nov. 30, 2022

This project consists of 4 new lanes (800m) to be added to the existing 2-lane divided roadway between Reynold's Gate and 8 Street. The result will increase capacity of the arterial road connection benefiting the entire southwest area of the City and will provide improved access to the future 40th Avenue Interchange to QEII.

Two new sets of traffic signals have been installed.

  • Coopers Boulevard & 40th Avenue
  • Reynolds Gate & 40th Avenue

40th Avenue – Windsong Boulevard to Southwinds Collector – Construction

This project consists of a new 2-lane divided roadway between Windsong Boulevard and a new Southwinds Collector. The result will be a high-quality paved arterial road connection benefiting many southwest communities, including the West Winds Neighbourhood Structure Plan.

Bert Church Theatre Outdoor Signage 

To help differentiate Bert Church Theatre from Bert Church High School, outdoor signage will be installed in 2022. Around-the-clock outdoor signage and billboard advertising for upcoming events at the theatre will enable customers to identify each building accordingly.

Main Street Landfill Remediation

Records show a historic landfill site occupied a portion of what is now South Main Street, adjacent to the current City Public Works facility (formerly a fire hall). A subdivision plan from 1921 shows the creation of the (landfill) parcel and historic aerial photos show the landfill being actively used from 1950 and up until the 1970s, when it was decommissioned.

Various amounts and areas of this refuse have been removed over the years to facilitate development. In the last few years the area under the roadway was remediated concurrently with some deep utility work (north to south). This was part of a staged utility program. Some additional work still remains with utility upgrades going east to west.

Now that the remaining waste has been removed from the road right-of-way, the historic “disposal area” designation has been submitted to the provincial regulator for review. Staff are hopeful the designation and development setbacks can now be removed. This process will take some time, so the project is ongoing.

Oil Grit Separator

The City has many drainage facilities that convey partially treated stormwater into Nose Creek. These contaminants can have harmful effects on water bodies and aquatic organisms. To mitigate these issues, the City is completing a 5-year program to provide quality treatment and physical rehabilitation of outfall locations. Treatment will be provided by installing oil/grit separators, which provide stormwater quality improvements.

Parks Pathway Replacement

The Parks Department does a yearly assessment of asphalt pathways within the City of Airdrie. Existing poor condition pathways are replaced with new asphalt, thus ensuring the pathways are aesthetically attractive and functional for pedestrians, cyclists, and winter maintenance.

Parks Pedestrian Bridges

The Parks and Engineering Departments do a yearly assessment of pedestrian bridges/viewing platforms within the City of Airdrie, to assess structural integrity. In 2022, two bridges located in Nose Creek Park will be replaced. Please see the map for the exact locations.

Parks Sportsfield Outdoor Lighting

In order to fully utilize and benefit from the use of the Monklands outdoor rink during the winter months, new outdoor lighting will be installed along the existing rink boards in 2022.

Plainsmen Arena – North Drainage

The City of Airdrie is working with appropriate professionals to review site grading, building drainage systems, siding, and eves replacement. They will provide recommended solutions by completing a survey, drawings, and scope of work, followed by a general contractor carrying out maintenance and repairs from those recommendations.

Recreation Facility Land Development, 2018 - 2025

Delivering the new recreation facility is a multi-year, multi-team process. Land acquisition was completed in 2018. Land planning and land development is scheduled to occur from 2019 to 2023, with facility design and construction taking place from 2021 to 2025.

Land planning, which precedes development, is underway. The Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP) was submitted to the City in early 2021. A Water Act application can be submitted once the NSP has been approved. Stripping and grading will follow and is tentatively planned for 2022.

Regional Park Land Development

In early 2022, the City of Airdrie acquired land for a second Regional Park. Community engagement will help determine the priority and type of amenities that will be part of the new park development.

Road Rehabilitation Program

Engineering Services oversees annual road improvement and rehabilitation projects. These improvements are based on growth and economic feasibility. Rehabilitation projects are determined with the help of our pavement management system.

The 2022 Road Rehabilitation maps outline the City's major rehabilitation projects for the year.

Sewer Rehabilitation Program

Segments of pipe and manholes are routinely monitored. The program identifies areas throughout the City where existing sanitary infrastructure has either failed or is likely to fail in the near future, pipes that are at or near capacity for flow. These areas are then scheduled for repairs, rehabilitation, or replacement. Specifically for 2022, excavation work includes sections of Big Springs Drive, Spring Haven Road, and Erin Drive & Allen Street.

Sound Fence – New & Replacement

The City of Airdrie conducts sound monitoring every three years. Sound monitoring is where we record continuous noise levels at residential locations in Airdrie in accordance with the City’s current Transportation Noise Policy. Properties that have a continuous noise level above specified amounts are identified for the installation of a sound attenuation fence.

Sound fence replacement for 2022 includes:

  • Veterans Boulevard North – Between Main Street and CPR tracks
  • Summerfield – Along CPR tracks from Yankee Valley Boulevard to 105m North and 10m East

Thorburn Pathway Drainage Mitigation

Drainage improvements of the Thorburn pathway, east of East Lake Pond, is scheduled to commence at the end of August 2022. The pathway will remain closed during construction for a duration of approximately four weeks.

Water Distribution Rehabilitation

Segments of pipe and manholes are routinely monitored. The program identifies areas throughout the City where existing water infrastructure has either failed or is likely to fail in the near future, pipes that are at or near capacity for flow. These areas are then scheduled for repairs, rehabilitation, or replacement. Specifically for 2022, excavation work includes sections of Big Springs Drive.

Water Tower Upgrade

The Airdrie Water Tower, built in 1959, is an example of mid-20th century municipal infrastructure. It was last painted in 2003 with a 10-year quality paint. In 2022, the water tower will be refurbished and painted with a protective coating to prevent corrosion.