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Licenses and permits for water and utilities

To ensure the consistent distribution of quality water throughout our community, work related to or that impacts any component of our water system must be closely monitored.

Dewatering permit requests

The City of Airdrie, in accordance with the Drainage Bylaw No. 03/2014, requires a permit for dewatering clean surface water from a commercial or residential site to the stormwater system. The following conditions must be followed:

  • Dewatering shall not occur during or within one hour of a storm event or melt event;
  • Discharge must be limited to a two inch diameter hose and terminate within two m of the culvert flare end / catch basin;
  • Erosion prevention and sediment removal measures must be in place and kept in good working order; and
  • The flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic must not be impeded and appropriate signage must be installed.

Please fill out the Dewatering Application Form. Once the application is approved, a Dewatering Permit will be issued and emailed back to the applicant.

Dewatering application form

Water valve operation/turn requests

The City of Airdrie Water Works Bylaw stipulates that ONLY a City of Airdrie employee who is a certified operator can operate water mainline valves. This has been done in order to ensure only the highest quality of water reaches our residents.

Water Services and Engineering Services have developed the following forms for contractors to fill out in order to request assistance when water mains are put into service, repaired and to have hot taps installed.

The following forms are available:

Water Main In-Service Form: When requesting to fill mainlines with water, disinfecting, and putting into service. 


Water Valve Operation Request Form: When requesting to have mainline valves operated for the purposes of repairs, maintenance, or inspections.


Hot Tap Form: When requesting valves to be throttled for the purposes of installing a hot tap.

Hot tap form

We appreciate your cooperation and commitment in working with us to ensure these processes are followed.

Fire hydrant flow testing

New construction and new developements are examples of when hydrant flow test readings are required. If you require a flow test reading, please contact a private contractor and they will be able to assist you.

Please advise Water Services via the Notification of hydrant testing form at least 48 hours in advance of the testing date and time in order for a City Staff member to witness the test. Please note, Water Services does not retain the results of the test. Please contact your contractor to get this information.

Notification of hydrant flow testing

Water use exception permit

This permit allows customers to use water outside of the Water Conservation Use Schedule when installing new sod or grass seed to whole parcels, and when an irrigation system is equipped with a smart controller (weather/soil based). There is no cost to obtain this permit.

Permits are valid for the following:

TypeTerm permit is valid for
Sod 21 days
Seed 45 days
Smart Irrigation  Until Dec. 31 each year

What is smart irrigation?

Controllers that monitor conditions and adjust runtimes based on plant water requirements. This would include systems that can:

    • automatically adjust the schedule based on changing weather
    • have rain sensors or moisture sensors at your property that automatically delay watering if rain is detected

If you think your irrigation system qualifies based on the above requirements, fill our the Water Exception Permit form. Please include the brand and model of your controller.

Complete the Water Use Exception Permit