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Complaints and problems within the City

Residents are a big help in reporting incidents or damage quickly. If the problem you'd like to report is not listed below, contact us using the button below or if the matter is urgent, call the City of Airdrie Call Centre at 403.948.8800.

Vandalism or damage to City property

If you see vandalism on City property (i.e. playground equipment, garbage cans in a park, public washroom facilties, public signs, etc.)

We will need:

  • what was vandalized
  • exact location of the vandalized property
  • brief description of the type of damage (spray paint, broken item, etc.)

Please report any damage or vandalism to the City of Airdrie Parks department by email or by calling 403.948.8400.


If water pools by the storm drain, give it 90 minutes to drain. The City has devices in the storm drains that allow the water to drain slowly and not overload the stormwater system.

If there are still issues with water pooling, call Water Services at 403.948.8871.


If you see or smell something you think might be a spill, report it immediately by calling Water Services at 403.948.8871.

We will need:

  • what spilled
  • the exact location of the spill
  • when did it happen (if known)

Water breaks or leaks

Contact Water Services at 403.948.8871 if you suspect a water break or leak.