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Embrace nature right in the centre of the City. Thanks to the Alberta Conservation Association, the Nose Creek pond is stocked annually with about 300 trout.

Grab your gear and make unforgettable memories right here in Airdrie or at one of the other five stocked ponds within 45 minutes of the City. Click the links below for directions to each location.

Fishing map showing cipperly's pond, hiller reservoir, crossfield trout pond, nose creek pond, dewitt's pond

Fishing regulations

There are different fishing regulations between Nose Creek pond and Nose Creek and they are subject to change. The Province may implement time of day restrictions depending on water flow and temperature.

  • Nose Creek pond: Angling is permitted year round and bait is allowed. Catch limits are five trout, five northern pike and 15 yellow perch.
  • Nose Creek: Angling is permitted ONLY between certain time Bait is not allowed. Catch limits depend on time of year and species

If you are under 16 years of age or an Alberta resident aged 65 or older you are not required to have a Sportfishing License to fish with a rod and reel; however, you must follow Alberta’s sportfishing regulations. If between 16 and 65, you are required to have a fishing license.

Learn about Alberta's Sportfishing Regulations

Possible species found in Nose Creek Pond and/or Nose Creek:

Sport fish:

  • rainbow trout
  • northern pike
  • mountain whitefish
  • yellow perch
  • brook trout
  • brown trout

Non-sport fish:

  • Fathead minnow
  • Brook stickleback
  • Longnose sucker
  • White sucker
  • Lake chub
  • Longnose dace
  • Pearl dace
  • Trout-perch

Invasive species:

  • Prussian carp
  • Northern crayfish

Free family fishing weekend

Plan to spend a morning, afternoon or evening of FREE fishing at Nose Creek pond as an activity with the family to enjoy. During Family Fishing Weekend on July 8 - 9, Albertans and visitors are encouraged to give fishing a try without having to purchase a sportfishing licence. 

National Fishing Week occurs each year during the second week of July. For more information, visit My Wild Alberta

Airdrie Angling: reconnecting with nature through fishing

Airdrie-based, Drift Out West Fly Fishing guide, Quinn Soonias, expert angler, Airdrie-based, Wes David, host and producer of Fishing the Wild West TV and Clint Goodman, co-chair Nose Creek Watershed Partnership and City of Airdrie Environmental Specialist, speak about reconnecting with nature through fishing and the importance of caring for our local environment: