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Aquatic certifications at Genesis Place

Start your aquatic career path off on the right foot! Genesis Place is an authorized training partner in delivering Lifesaving Society water safety programs and certifications. 

Minimum registration numbers must be met one week prior to start date in order for courses to run. 


Become a Slide Attendant

Required courses include:

  1. Minimum 15 years of age
  2. Intermediate First Aid & CPR C
  3. Bronze Medallion + Bronze Cross are considered assets

Become a Swim Instructor

Required courses include:

  1. Intermediate First Aid & CPR C
  2. Swim for Life Instructor Certification (15 years and older)
    • Prerequisite: Intermediate First Aid & CPR C + Bronze Cross

Become a Lifeguard

  1. Bronze Star (optional)
    • Prerequisites: Ages 8 and up with strong swimming ability and Swim Patrol experience recommended
  2. Bronze Medallion
  3. Intermediate First Aid & CPR C
  4. Bronze Cross
    • Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion + Intermediate First Aid & CPR C
  5. National Lifeguard (15 years and older)
    • Prerequisites: Bronze Cross + Intermediate First Aid & CPR C

* Must be a minimum 16 years of age to work as a lifeguard with The City of Airdrie at Genesis Place.

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