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Adult fitness and wellness

Genesis Place offers fitness and wellness programs for adults.

Registered programs are not included in Genesis Place facility passes. Continuous monthly pass holders receive a 10 per cent discount on registered programs.

Featured program: Alberta cancer exercise maintenance program (ACE)

The Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) program is a community-based exercise program for individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. Graduates of the ACE Baseline program can continue their exercise regimen with this 12-week maintenance program that follows and builds upon the baseline program.

Class participant quote: "We have a circuit class format that includes stretching, aerobics, strength and balance exercises. Being all cancer patients, we also have a social bond and can opening discuss things we are going through."    - Ed

First time participants can register for the ACE Baseline program by contacting the HEALTH & WELLNESS LAB AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY at 403.210.8482 or

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