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Tax rates

How does the City calculate my taxes?

The City calculates property taxes based on a property assessment and the annual tax rate set by Council.

For example: $470,000 (property assessment) x 0.00652619(tax rate) = $3,067.31 (property taxes)

Of the $3,067.31 collected in property taxes:

  • The City of Airdrie receives $2,006.11 in municipal taxes ($470,000 x 0.00426832)
  • The Province receives $1,025.58 in education taxes

Tax rates

2024 tax rate

 MunicipalEducation tax*Other public requisitionsTotal rate
Residential 0.00426832 0.00218208 0.00007579 0.00652619
Non-residential 0.00896364 0.00341684 0.00007579 0.01245627

*Education tax is directed to either the public school system or the separate school system based on the school support declaration. If no declaration has been made, education tax is directed to the public school system.

Designated industrial property additional requisition 0.00007650