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Standards and guidelines for development

The City of Airdrie offers guidelines and specifications for development within the City. The goals of these are to ensure that new and improving areas comply with City of Airdrie standards. 

General design standards and construction specifications

General design standards and construction specifications are used for developments within the City of Airdrie. The primary focus of these specifications is to ensure that a standard set of overall objectives are realized for design and construction within the City. Development and construction issues not addressed within these specifications fall under the scope of the current City of Calgary Standard Specifications unless otherwise specified.

More on our general design standards

Standard landscape guidelines and specifications

The City of Airdrie recognizes the importance of landscape development in the environmental, cultural, social and economical viability of our City. Our Standard Landscape Guidelines & Specifications contains the technical information necessary to meet the City’s overall landscape development objectives and requirements as identified in Council approved plans. These specifications are variance to the City of Calgary development Guidelines and standard specifications.