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Healthcare funding and resources

Healthcare is a function and responsibility of the Provincial government. Decisions around funding for healthcare resources are made at the Provincial level. The City of Airdrie advocates on behalf of residents for the gaps in healthcare needs to be filled and for more resources to be allocated to our community.

In 2023, the Government of Alberta allocated:

  • $3 million for the planning of a North Calgary/Airdrie Regional Healthcare Centre
  • $8.4 million for upgrades to the Airdrie Urgent Care Centre

It’s important to note that planning dollars are not a commitment for a hospital and even with committed construction funding, it takes years to build, staff and open a large healthcare facility.

Reasons why we need to advocate for Healthcare in Airdrie

  • Airdrie Urgent Care Centre (AUCC) expanded operating hours to offer health services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in April 2017.
  • AUCC currently offers 13 treatment spaces, x-ray and limited laboratory testing. That is one space per 6,171 residents. (That's 3 times the number in other urban centres.)
  • AUCC sees upwards of 46,000 patients per year, reporting an average of 139 patients per day with peak volumes recently surpassing 150 per day.
  • On average, 20 patients per day leave without being seen or against medical advice, frustrated at the length of wait. This does not include those patients who walk in, see an overcrowded waiting room and decide to leave before checking in.
  • In the summer of 2022, due to staffing challenges, AUCC had to temporarily reduce services for a five-week period. The facility returned to 24/7 service August 19.
  • There are no dedicated walk-in clinic services in Airdrie.

Source: Alberta Medical Association, Communities in Crisis Report, Airdrie.

How to support Airdrie’s advocacy efforts to improve Healthcare

Send an email or write a letter, share this page and check back often!


Send a letter advocating for more Healthcare resources

Letters to your MLA, Cabinet Ministers, and the Premier are a great way to highlight your concerns about healthcare issues.

MLA Angela Pitt -
MLA Pete Guthrie -
Health Minister Adriana LaGrange -
Premier Danielle Smith -

Here’s a sample letter you can use or feel free to draft your own if you have personal experiences to share (keeping it respectful, factual and concise).



Spread the word

Share this page and the City's social media posts to help inform others.


Check back often

Watch this page for updates and new advocacy efforts and ways to help.