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Shared e-scooters are electric scooters that are rented out by companies. They are usually found parked on the streets in designated areas and can be unlocked using an app on your phone. You pay a fee to use them for a certain amount of time and then leave them wherever you finish your ride.

Personally owned e-scooters are purchased and owned by an individual for long-term use.

In 2022, Airdrie approved the framework and bylaw amendments to support a two-year pilot governing shared modes of micromobility (including e-scooters). This pilot began June/July 2022 and will run through to end of October 2023.

E-scooters, shared e-scooters and other forms of micromobility such as e-bikes, are a great way to explore Airdrie, car-free. Airdrie has over 140 km of paved pathways that can support any form of micromobility and shared micromobility.

Shared e-scooter program

Data shows that municipalities that allow shared e-scooters and micromobility programs experience the following benefits:

  • Providing first/last kilometre connections that encourage residents to walk, cycle and use public transit more often;
  • Providing options to save time on short trips;
  • Improving resident's physical health that encourages a more physically active lifestyle; and
  • Improving access to opportunities (education, employment, recreation) within the community with a mode of transportation that is more inclusive of residents who may face barriers to own/operate a private vehicle. 

E-scooter providers operating in Airdrie for this season will be updated as they are approved. While the City of Airdrie provides the program framework, the program is fully funded and operated by e-scooter providers.

How the micromobility pilot program works

The City acts as a partner with the e-scooter/e-bike providers that are approved to operate within the City through a Provincial exemption for e-scooter/e-bike operations. The City is running the pilot program to find out if this is a program residents would like and use, and the e-scooter providers are piloting our city as well, to test our market demand and viability.

What is micromobility? 
The City defines micromobility as small, lightweight vehicles operating at speeds typically below 45 km/h and operated by the user. Examples of suitable micromobility modes include e-bikes, e-scooters, e-unicycles, e-skateboards, e-trikes, conventional bicycles and unicycles, conventional scooters, skateboards (including longboards), rollerblades and pedal-assisted electric bikes (PAEB).

Information about e-scooter/e-bike programs
E-scooter / e-bike sharing is a service in which shared e-scooters/e-bikes are made available for individuals to rent on a short-term basis. These shared e-scooters / e-bikes are provided for a fee and may operate in a docked (stationed) or dock less system. The pilot will be a dock less e-scooter/e-bike program, so the charging stations do not need to be installed on City land or infrastructure.

Where e-scooters/e-bikes are permitted in Airdrie
E-scooters/e-bikes will be allowed on sidewalks, pathways and City roadways with a posted speed limit of 30 km/h or less. E-scooters/e-bikes will not be permitted at skate parks or outside City limits. As a rule, please do not interfere with pedestrians or traffic while riding a shared e-scooter/e-bike. The max speed limit is 20 km per hour with some higher traffic areas reduced to 5-10 km per hour.

Rider etiquette when using micromobility devices
When using an e-scooter/e-bike, riders are asked to respect pedestrians and those moving slower than you, use your bell to alert those you are approaching, don’t zig zag between pedestrians, and be cautious of those coming out of store fronts. Please note, that personal e-scooters are not permitted under the Provincial Traffic Safety Act to operate on City sidewalks or roadways. Personal e-scooters are permitted on City pathways only. Helmets are not required, but are strongly encouraged.

shared and personal e-scooter safety

E-Scooters Complaints

If you would like to make a complaint or issue about E-scooter, please disclose the colour or company of the E-scooter and contact Transit.

  • Airdrie Transit: 403.948.8800, ext. 8875

If you are having an issues with the operation of an E-scooter, please contact company directly.

  • BIRD (black & white): 1.866.205.2442
  • NEURON (orange): 587.570.7006

Shared e-scooter application process

The City of Airdrie will engage three licensed providers in the first year of the pilot. These three licensed providers will be selected on a first come, first served basis and must comply with the following criteria prior to advancing through the process.

  1. Completion and submission of the shared e-scooter/micromobility application checklist
  2. Execution of the licensing agreement with the City of Airdrie
  3. Issuance of a City business license

Interested providers must complete the shared e-scooter/micromobility application checklist and submit to to be considered.

The order of applications are received will determine which three providers will move on to the next phases of the process. Providers will have ten (10) business days from notice of a compliant application checklist to complete the remaining two phases of the process (execution of the licensing agreement and receiving a City business license).

Providers who are unable to complete the remaining two phases within ten (10) business days will be advised, in writing, they are no longer eligible for the first year of the pilot program. At which point the City may reopen the application process for another provider.