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Equitable funding for roads and capital infrastructure

By providing critical infrastructure funding for high growth municipalities, the Government of Alberta is supporting communities that have similar needs and challenges to major centres, with less access to funding. Airdrie’s $1.2 billion, 10-year capital plan includes a recreation centre, fire station, water and wastewater pipelines, and critical road work projects.

Water and wastewater pipelines

As Airdrie nears 100,000 people, water and wastewater pipelines from Calgary are necessary to accommodate residential and non-residential growth and ensure reliable water services for our growing population base.

This project provides: Safe, secure drinking water  |  Reliable water supply for a sustainable economy

Recreation centre

Airdrie’s sole community recreation centre is 20 years old and serves over 1.35 million visitors each year. The need for a second facility has grown dramatically. Recreation amenities support community health and wellness, but also offer significant sport tourism opportunities, generating economic spin-off for local businesses.

This project provides: Access to recreation  |  Community health and wellbeing  |  Social connection for all ages

Northeast Fire Hall

With Airdrie’s current population, geographical size and current fire response times, a fourth fire hall in the City’s northeast quadrant is required to fully serve fire and rescue service needs today and into the future.

This project provides: Community safety  |  Emergency preparedness

Yankee Valley Boulevard CPR Grade Separation

For the safety of road and rail users and the efficient movement of goods and services, this transportation project will increase road network capacity for new residential and non-residential growth to occur in south and west Airdrie, create jobs and return an estimated $100 million in direct economic benefit.

This project provides: Investment and job creation  |  Economic corridor enhancement  |  Road safety

40th Ave interchange project

The interchange at Highway 2 and 40th Avenue was identified by the Province as a necessary project in the early 2000’s. In 2019, the project was ranked #2 in a study of critical North Calgary Regional Transportation projects.

Significant growth pressure and traffic congestion on local roadways led the City of Airdrie to move forward on this project in 2021. The project was completed on time and on budget in the fall of 2023.

Upon completion, the bridge over the QEII is listed as a provincial asset as it sits within the provincial highway corridor. Alberta Budget 2023 includes $71 million to account for this asset. This is being called an accounting 'oddity'.

The provincial government contributed $29.6 million in funding for construction and the purchase of the land necessary for this investment. Similar projects in other municipalities are usually fully or near-fully funded by the Province.

  • The $148 million overpass project in Balzac at RR 566 Cross Iron Mills (ranked #8 on the North Calgary Regional Transportation Study) will be fully funded by the Province, requiring no further contribution from Rocky View County residents.
  • A similar interchange in Leduc was 86% funded by the Province. Leduc residents paid just over $13 million for the project.

The City of Airdrie dedicated significant funding to the 40th Ave interchange project on the QEII, but similar projects in Balzac and Leduc will be constant reminders of the inconsistency that can exist in provincial funding decisions. Transparency ensures better understanding in how large projects are funded
across the province.

How can you support Airdrie’s advocacy efforts for fair infrastructure funding?

  • Write a letter - Send letters or emails to your MLA, Cabinet Ministers, the Premier or a Letter to the Editor in the newspaper
  • Spread the word - Share this page and the City's social media posts to help inform others
  • Check back often - watch this page for updates and new advocacy efforts

Use the contact info below to reach out to your Premier, MLA and other key Provincial officials.

MLA Airdrie East Angela Pitt -

Minister of Infrastructure and MLA Airdrie-Cochrane Pete Guthrie -

Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors  Devin Dreeshen-

Premier Danielle Smith -