East Points Industrial

East Points is Airdrie's newest industrial land opportunity. Taking advantage of offering adjacent servicing connections and existing capacity, 300 acres of these lands are primed for immediate new investment.

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The lands are bounded to the west by the existing East Lake and Highland Park industrial developments, to the east by farmlands and by residential acreages subdivisions (Croxford Estate and Yankee Valley Estate) to the north and south.

The area is bisected from east to west by Veterans Boulevard (Highway 567) and north to south by Range Road 291 and will accommodate 348 acres of light industrial, 160 acres of medium industrial, 256 acres of heavy industrial and 34 acres of commercial/institutional land. 


PARCEL A                            PARCEL B
NE 11-28-29-W4                   SE 11-27-29-W4
160 acres                             160 acres

Proposed light, medium and heavy industrial

Airdrie is strategically located 30 minutes from downtown Calgary with easy access to major highways, rail and air. The city’s central location provides Airdrie businesses with access to a regional market of almost 1.5 million people and 24-hour delivery time to a market of 50 million people in Canada and the US Pacific Northwest.


  • Liaison services from Economic Development to accelerate application review processes
  • Competitive development charges and fees with a staged payment structure (only 20% at signing of Subdivision Servicing Agreement)
  • Static tiered performance security structure since 2003 with competitive, flat rates per acre
  • Surety Bonds accepted in place of Letters of Credit
  • Competitive building permit release criteria, including opportunities for concurrent development and building permit reviews and start work early permits

The City of Airdrie’s levies, acreage assessments and performance security fees ensure you have some of the lowest upfront municipal charges in the Calgary Region, allowing you to focus your resources on bringing land to market.

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