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Commercial building permits

Once you have obtained your development permit from Planning, you can apply for a building and occupancy permit.

Building Inspections will review your application, provide a plan review, issue your construction permits and provide inspections service through the course of construction to ensure your building is constructed to meet or exceed the National Building Code and related regulations.

The cost of the required permits is set out in the Safety Codes Permit Bylaw.

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If you require assistance navigating the process to apply for your commercial permit, please contact Building Inspections at 403.948.8832.

Building permit application

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Inspection check list for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential apartment construction.

Please ensure that the following inspections are called.

Site service inspection:

  • Water, storm & sanitary services installed & bedded (not buried)

Foundation inspection:

  • Permit or start work early approval has been given by the City
  • If you have received the plan review requirements prepared by the City please implement or complete the requirements
  • Address has been posted on or in front of the building
  • All concrete is poured, dampproofing is installed, drainage system is installed and complete, services are installed
  • This inspection may not be required if a professional engineer is reviewing the construction, please check with the Inspector responsible for your area, proceeding without approval could result in an additional fee or uncovering of the covered construction. Phone (403) 948-8832

Framing inspection:

  • The building inspection is called after the electrical, plumbing, gas and HVAC inspection has been performed.
  • All holes have been drilled and all rough-in’s have been installed (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Gas)
  • The plan review from the City has been reviewed and all applicable items have been implemented/completed
  • You have performed your framing check, and made corrections
  • Address is posted on the front of the building, permit is readily available at the construction site
  • If applicable - Window and doors have been installed
  • If applicable – Exterior finish installation has not been started.
  • If applicable - Concrete Floor has not been installed
  • Building is open for inspection

Insulation and vapour barrier inspection: *if requested by inspector on framing inspection notice*

  • You have reviewed the City of Airdrie Contractor Notice for Insulation Note: A copy can be obtained from the City’s web site, City Services and Departments, Building Permits, Contractor Notices
  • Installation is completed and you have performed your insulation check
  • Building is open for inspection

Final inspections and fire inspection:

  • All items from all other inspection notices have been provided or corrected
  • Address and permit has been posted on the front of the building
  • All verifications (fire alarm, sprinkler, etc. (Ensure the building is monitored as per the requirement of the 2019 NBC (AE)) and C-1 and C-2 Schedules have been provided to Building Inspections.
  • You have performed your check of the building and it is ready for an inspection
  • Building is open for inspection

Occupancy checklist

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