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City growth trends and changes (Growth Report)

Airdrie continues to be one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada with:

  • 20 per cent increase in population over five years

  • 22 per cent increase in business licenses issued over five years
  • 44 per cent increase in employment from 2016-2022

Airdrie's Growth Report: Tracking Development and Change

Airdrie’s Growth Report: Tracking Development and Change details the immense activity and growth the city has experienced and demonstrates how Airdrie is set up for success in the coming years.

The report consolidates key metrics that help to navigate Airdrie’s real estate landscape and provides information and data sets relating to:

  • Population, employment and growth rates
  • Non-residential development
  • Current and future inventory of housing by type
  • Inventory of available and developable residential and non-residential lands
  • A projection of future land consumption

Read the 2023 Growth report (pdf)