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City budgets

2024 budget survey

Our 2024 budget survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Your input will help create a budget that considers our residents' opinions, financial responsibilities and provincial obligations. We value your feedback.

Council budget committee meetings

Council Budget Committee (CBC) meetings are streamed live on our website. 

Capital budget

The City’s capital budget focuses on developing and maintaining our infrastructure and facilities. This includes our recreation facilities, roads, fire halls and parks, as well as the new facilities and infrastructure required to respond to growth.

Each year administration prepares a rolling 10-year capital plan for Council's consideration. The current year is adopted by City Council, as part of the City’s budget process, while the remaining nine years are accepted for information.

Priority is given to those projects enabling the achievement of Council’s Focus Areas and implementation of approved City plans. The City is committed to maintaining current level of service before adding additional assets.

The final capital budget is adopted by Council in December.


2022 Final capital budget (PDF)

Operating budget

The operating budget represents the day-to-day costs to operate the city and provide programs and services.

The three-year operating budget is driven by business plan goals and departmental initiatives. However, a number of master planning documents are also taken into consideration in the budget process. These include the Airdrie City Plan, the Transportation Master Plan, the Emergency Services Master Plan, the Recreation Master Plan, the Community Needs Assessment, the Great Places Master Plan and the Information Technology Strategic Plan. The Airdrie One Sustainability Plan also influences Council’s priorities and provides input into the City’s strategic plans. 

The first year operating budget is reviewed in detail, with the subsequent two years reviewed for possible new services, implications of new facilities or other pressures on the horizon.

The final operating budget is adopted by Council in December.

Proposed 2023-2025 Operating Budget (PDF) 

2023 Council Approved Budget (PDF) 

Budget basics

This Council approved budget balances the City’s need for reserves and revenue, while providing services, infrastructure and amenities for a rapidly growing community.

The below videos help to understand how the City budget works and the steps involved leading up to finalizing the budget.

What your taxes cover

How your City budget works

How assessment and taxation work