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Where your water comes from

The City of Airdrie purchases water from the City of Calgary. The water is treated by the City of Calgary and then travels in supply mains to Airdrie reservoirs. From there, it is pumped through distribution mains to water service pipes and then flows out of the taps in our homes, businesses and out of fire hydrants.

Water distribution mains in Airdrie total approximately 264 kilometres in length. The city's water is supplied via three transmission lines and is stored in three reservoirs.

More information about Airdrie's water, including annual water quality reports can be found through the City of Calgary. 

 City of Calgary - Drinking water and water treatment

Private property water lines

The City of Airdrie delivers water to homes and businesses through a water pipe, also known as a water service line. The service line consists of the following:

  • The City owns the water service line from the water main line to the property line. It City is responsible for maintaining and repairing this portion of the pipe.
  • The property owner owns the service line from the property line into the home or business. The property owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing this portion of the pipe.

Water leaks on private property

As per the Waterworks Bylaw No. B-04/2019 (pdf) , section 4.0, A Consumer is responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of the Consumer’s Service Connection located above, on or underneath the Premises at the Consumer’s sole cost and expense;

Your water service pipe connects to the water main and carries water from the reservoir to your home. Because the water system is pressurized, water will continue to flow until the City turns off your curb stop when a hole or crack occurs int he pipe. The property owner mus make repairs as soon as possible. Failure to address a leak may cause damage to your property, your neighbour's property, and nearby streets and sidewalks. When there is a leak in your water service, you are responsible for:

  • arranging for an experienced contractor to make necessary repairs
  • paying for the repairs

When looking for a contractor, the City suggests that you:

  • get at least three quotes
  • ask for and check contractor references
  • contact the Better Business Bureau or a similar agency online (Yelp, Facebook, HomeStars) to read contractor reviews

To help you with your research, here is a List of contractors that have performed water service repairs in the past. The City does not recommend which contractor to hire, nor does the City endorse the quality or warranty of any work done on private property by any contractors.

Curb stops

Curb stops are generally located close to the property line (front or back). They are designed to move up and down as the ground shifts with the freeze/thaw cycle. If you need your curb stop raised, lowered or repaired, .

Water quality

Airdrie water is of the highest quality and is supplied from the Elbow and Bow Rivers. The City of Airdrie abides by strict guidelines set by Alberta Environment and Parks to ensure the safety and quality of our water.

Components that may influence the quality (taste, colour, smell, etc.) of your water include:

  • water softener
  • hot water tank
  • filtration system

Check these first to ensure all are working correctly. If you have further questions, please .

Water pressure

Water pressure in Airdrie varies depending on the elevation of the water service. If you notice a decrease in water pressure over a short period, there are factors within your home that could be the issue. Check the following to troubleshoot water pressure problems:

  • water softener
  • filtration system
  • water shut-off valve

If your pressure suddenly becomes very low or you have no water, contact us immediately for further investigation.