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Big Springs power cable upgrades

An image of FortisAlberta worker with text that reads FortisAlberta Cable Replacement Pilot ProjectFortisAlberta contractors will access and replace eight underground cables delivering electricity to homes in the Big Springs community. Access to these cables will require trenching, which will mean the presence of large vehicles and equipment. Some traffic disruption will occur, though we will work to limit this where possible.

We ask all residents to maintain a safe distance from vehicles, equipment and worksites to ensure their safety.

Work will take place on weekdays only, beginning the first week of July and lasting for approximately six weeks. Crews will be replacing primary and (FortisAlberta owned) secondary cables. These replacements, with cables of high modern standard, will provide improved service and are designed to handle increased electrical load.

Planned power outages will be required. Community members who may experience an outage will be notified by FortisAlberta 48 hours in advance. These disruptions are necessary for the safety of crews and community members.

Landscaping contractors will be on-site throughout construction to ensure property is well-maintained and undisrupted beyond what is required as part of the below ground work

Questions about the project? Call FortisAlberta at 310-WIRE (9473)

Learn more about the FortisAlberta Big Springs Update

Potential Impact to Property:

Contractors will work to minimize property impact, though unfortunately, the cable replacement may result in the removal of trees, bushes, gardens and other landscaping located within the (Utility Right of Way) URW on customer property. If a walkway, driveway or other barriers limit URW access, these will be temporarily removed or accessed during construction. If a driveway is disrupted, a steel plate will be placed on the open excavation each evening for safety, and to ensure driveway access.

For residents who may have, or experience, accessibility issues as a result of driveway, walkway, or property impact, please call 1.855.514.4202.

City of Airdrie Land Use Bylaw states that it is the responsibility of the landowner to remove obstructions along a URW. As a part of this pilot project, FortisAlberta will be working closely with City of Airdrie approved landscaping contractors to ensure greenery that can be replaced or relocated is done so, though all areas within and URW must remain clear of future obstruction.

You may have already notice marked trees or other items on your property. Property owners whose property will be impacted will be contacted by FortisAlberta or crews in the area regarding a Property Restoration Voucher to mitigate the cost of tree, bush, garden or other landscaping replacement. Vouchers are non-transferable and will only be provided to those whose property has been impacted.

Utility right of way

A portion of your yard is made up of a ‘utility right of way.’ This is an easement of private land that allows the City and utility companies, like FortisAlberta, to access buried utilities.

To learn more about Alberta’s Utility Right of Way policy, visit servicealberta.

Graphic explaining utility right of way