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Community Revitalization Levy

At a special meeting of Council on Dec. 28, 2022, following a public hearing, Council approved the Community Revitalization Levy (CRL) which went into effect Jan 1, 2023.

CRL projects will begin in 2023 helping the City of Airdrie to do “Downtown Differently”.  

Along with a Downtown Plan (pdf) aimed at encouraging private investment and revitalizing the heart of our city; we are excited to have the CRL to help fund that revitalization. 

The Community Revitalization Levy was developed by the province to allow municipalities to build whatever public infrastructure or actions are necessary to spur on private investment by using the provincial portion of tax revenues from assessment increases in that same area.

Map of the CRL area 

CRL area matches downtown borders

How a CRL is funded

A CRL is not an additional property tax

A CRL does not change the taxes paid by property owners. Instead, when there are increases to assessed property values in a defined CRL area, the municipal revenue and the provincial education portion of the property tax collected on the increased value is spent on public improvement projects in the CRL area.

This funding mechanism means that Airdrie property owners could pay less for the public improvement projects that will make our Downtown the place that people love. And It is in the best interests of the Province and the municipality that each CRL Plan is successful in instigating the greatest amount of redevelopment possible. Getting more out of local areas that have previously struggled also means more revenue for the Government of Alberta to build schools across the entire province after the CRL Plan has been dissolved in approximately 20 years.

More details can be found on the Alberta Government's fact sheet on CRL's

View the Community Revitalization Area Levy Plan (pdf)

How the funds will be used

The funds from the CRL are proposed to be used in the following ways:

  • comprehensive environmental site assessment to determine the extent of any soil contamination or other hindrances to redevelopment;
  • municipal financial assistance or action to address contaminated areas;
  • space for community and education uses in the new Downtown Multi-Use Facility and Library that strengthen a growing knowledge-based economy;
  • construction of municipal parking structures in strategic locations to leverage private redevelopment;
  • integration of the environmental amenity of Nose Creek as part of placemaking and public gathering efforts within the downtown; and,
  • beautification and evaluation of Main Street within the downtown core to achieve the desired combination of economic supports (i.e., on-street parking) and amenity supports (i.e., temporary event closures, plaza spaces).

Next steps

A formal announcement will be held in soon. 

If you have questions or want to find out more, let us know at